Gab users are furious after its CEO announces partnership with Nick “the spick” Fuentes

Andrew Torba writes:

“I don’t need permission from anyone to advertise, market, and grow Gab. It’s my job and duty to do so. If you know anything at all about me or my marketing strategy it has always been about generating controversy.

Controversy is attention. Attention is influence. The point of marketing is to influence people to get off Big Tech and get on Gab. In order to do that I need their attention.

Some of you aren’t trusting the plan and turned on a dime because God forbid I advertise the platform in a way you don’t like. I won’t forget it, but I will forgive you and won’t hold it against you when you come to your senses and realize I am doing what I have always done: what is best for Gab.”

Source: Gab

People who have donated to Gab seem to be unhappy with Andrew Torba giving 20,000 $ (as I understand) to Nick Fuentes’ conference, instead of making Gab run well (for example).

Spaceballs the Gab Account writes:

” It might something to do with how you swore up and down for the first 3 years of Gab that you would never allow advertising on the site because then the advertisers would dictate content and censorship

No one minds you making a buck

But you are making a total 180 degree turn on a core element of the site without an explanation of how you would prevent advertisers from dictating content

People start to wonder what other core directives of Gab will be discarded, like never selling user data. Is that core principle safe?”

Bexferal writes:

“you didn’t advertise for AFPACIII, you are not listed as a sponsor on the AFPACIII site (where’s the marketing?), you placed Gab on the radar for an internal investigation for a not for profit selling custom made NFTs. You say that the people pay for the site to operate not that we paid for the site to generate “controversial” marketing schemes. People just want transparency, like how does the monetary aspect of our donations and membership somehow not fill that meter you have sitting on the side yet you can throw money at an AFPACIII that doesn’t now have GAB on it’s site, and the feeling of grift is achieved by coining that gabbers pay for the operation of the site. Now this “I don’t need permission…” classic response.”

Barney Frank’s protruding nips writes:

“Nope, not “trusting the plan”. That’s retarded. You should go back and recheck the series of events that led to this bruhaha, monsieur Torba. If you really think we “turned on a dime” you are off your fucking rocker. These little spittle faced dweeber ticklers showed up here and started shit talking all the people who have helped build groups and promote this place for the last 5 years, and only after they got kicked off of twitter and their funds dried up. Know what’s weird? I’m a nobody and I got kicked off twitter in 2017. How did Nick survive so long? Maybe he isn’t that fucking controversial after all.”


“Torba spent our donation money on a $20,000 seat at Nick Fuentes’ AIFPAC which means he is now politically aligned with a bunch of soyboy grifters.”

Triumphoverevil365 writes:

“You are coming across quite perturbed here, because we all aren’t blindly trusting you after this decision, perhaps. Many of Gab’s loyal financial supporters feel deceived, Andrew. They believed their money was going to infrastructure improvements, such as more servers, Gab updates, new Gab features, increased system security, and supporting the admin team financially. I’m sure most of it is, but this announcement just let us know that some of it isn’t, for the first time. Supporting AFPAC with Gab money is a slap in the face to those who have seen what Nick is all about: 1. Banning all women from the platform, 2. laughing at dead white kids who were mowed down in Wisconsin, 3. taking original ideas from others and claiming them as his own, 4. joking about going to rape women and other users. You don’t seem to understand this at all, so I hope this clears things up.”

Cosmic Pepe writes:

“He could’ve donated his own money to America First if he thinks they’re so great.”


“You should have donated your own money to America First, not $20,000 of Pro money given to you by hard-working Patriots who just want to support a business that isn’t cucked and jewed by anti-Whites.
Please don’t ask for money to “run Gab” when it gets wasted like this.”

Self Governing Free Man writes:

“Two fucking years ago you sold the ‘conference app’

so we could avoid the chink zoom.

to be released “next week”.

I donated 2k, you balked.

I trusted that plan.

To be fair tho, someone did offer to send me a t-shirt…”

HardWiener ™ writes:

“Maybe you should just make the platform better and lay off on your self messiah speeches. There are lots of software problems with this site. More coding, less patting yourself on the back in public.”


“I get notifications, eventually, but comment notifications takes me to nothing but the top of a comment thread. Then I have to scroll a while to find it and then as soon as I do, the feed jumps to the top. Most users could never manage to get back to their comment and reply like I just did. I managed to do it after wasting a lot of my life to do it.  But Andrew Torba is starting a political thing that God supports, so we still have that.”

The_Endless_Loop writes:

“It’s funny. I believe he is sitting on his high horse right now, touting his great achievement of being a ‘good’ man. Reaching out to lost boys in need of guidance. He thinks people are pissed at him for that.

No stupid. We just want the website to work. Go donate your own money, however you want. That is kind of the point of Gab. Until then, focus on the “Plan” you first presented. The one people donated real money towards.

Thanks for taking the time to go on the long walk that is replying to comments. Discourse was really the only reason I was hanging out here. That is getting harder and harder. But look at that little donation bar…it still wants more food.”

Dante Banducci writes:

“And what’s “best for Gab” is supporting Pro-Diversity, Pro-Jew/Israel, Anti-White, Anti-Woman, Cat Boy Civ-Nat Faggots who raided the site, attacked your users from day one and have been involved in/supported doxxing people?

We donated that money to build the platform, not to throw it away at an establishment grift. And if for some reason you didn’t want to “fix this damn door” there are many more legitimate groups and people you could have donated to.

Face it bitch, you’re not “doing what’s best for Gab”, you’re doing what’s best for YOURSELF, and everyone can see it.”

SneakyNuts writes:

“Awkward flex to market your $20k political donation but beg for funds to keep the platform online”

թɩӿɩɛ⋆ writes:

“you basically led a bunch of people here from twitter under a false pretense, at the time, that Trump was coming to gab. i was there, i saw it. the “phone call with someone special” that turned out to be nothing,
not that i care. some of us wouldnt welcome Trump here anyway now. but we did recently see you reach out and invite him to gab once again. this, after calling him “disgusting” for saying israel should have more control over congress (it is disgusting..), and now youre talking about trusting the plan. its just confusing what you really want.”

גבריאל writes:

“Shut the fuck up faggot. I didn’t pay for pro for you to ignore your users being hacked, not fix bugs and glitches etc, only to give my money to a grifter that deep-throats horse cock dildos and drinks the synthetic horse semen on livestream. “In the name of Jesus” is the hilarious touch though. Jesus says grift money from gab customers to give to horse cock swallowers?”


me: “now that I’ve given gab money, surely they’ll do something about my cyberstalker hacking me through gab, like tracing the data logs? Or improve their video streaming site, etc.” @a : “best I can do is give your money to a swallower of horse dicks in Jesus’s name.”

Alleged Cyber Criminal Credited For Hacking Gab and Epik Has History Of Being An FBI Asset; Admits “Anonymous” Has Support Of US Intelligence

About Gab

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 128px-Gay_Pride_Flag.svg.png

Gab founder Andrew Torba announced Monday that his platform will sponsor the upcoming America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC). AFPAC is Fuentes’ extremist alternative to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“Everyone who will be going is a member of this website, promotes Christian values, openly proclaims the name of Jesus Christ, and promotes America First political objectives, candidates, and members of Congress,” Torba wrote on Gab.

Read more at Daily Dot


  1. Eternal Anglo Seax · January 26

    Ouch. That’s tough titties.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. milissa61 · January 26

    Well now gab will have full blown censorship, 👋🏻white people.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Viking Life Blog · January 26

      I don’t know what to think, but I am afraid you are right.

      Liked by 3 people

      • milissa61 · January 26

        I just made an account on the 22nd, I haven’t been in there in a while and couldn’t get on my old account and just in the last 4 days I have seen attacks on people’s opinions and spiritual beliefs, so I already see what’s coming.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Viking Life Blog · January 26

        I believe so, too. I am not really active there, I just post stuff from here.

        Liked by 1 person

      • milissa61 · January 26

        I’m going to follow you.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Viking Life Blog · January 26

        Thanks, I have followed you back.
        My Gab is just some of what you see here, but I share a bit of other Gab stuff, too. And there are also some good people there.

        Liked by 3 people

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