Smollett Sentencing: Why the Delay?

Half-Jewish half-Negro homosexual actor Jussie Smollett was found guilty of five counts of lying to police on 9 December 2021. (He lied to promote an absurd hate crime hoax in which he portrayed himself as the victim.) His sentencing, however, was scheduled for March 2022. Why is it taking so long?

Each of his convictions carries a possible three-year prison term. Set end-to-end, they amount to 15 years in prison.

It is possible that the judge could compress the punishment down into a three-year sentence, wherein Jussie would be punished (in theory) for all five convictions at the same time (concurrently). However, that would make it look as though the judge sentenced Jussie for only one of his crimes, and used a trick to let him off scot-free for the other four.

Don’t let the controlled media fast-talk you about the possible sentence. They are insinuating that the most prison time he could get is three years, and, starting from there, the leftoids are suggesting reasons why Smollett should get off even easier than that.

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  1. Jackie2015 · February 1

    “Why the delay?” Because he is a race-mixed jew. And we see two former occupants of the White House, who are two men that lived with two girls. And many judges are jews or race-mixed . So no surprise.

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