African ‘Migrant’ Charged In String of Deadly Carjackings In ‘Sanctuary City’

On Tuesday, police announced the arrest of Jonathan Namegabe Akubu, 28, who is reportedly the leader of a hyper-violent carjacking ring.

When Akubu was arrested in a Lansdowne apartment complex, several stolen guns (including an AK-47) were found inside the residence. Two of those guns were matched to the murders, according to court documents.

Akubu has been charged with two counts of murder, aggravated assault, robbery, carjacking, firearm violations, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property, recklessly endangering another person, and unauthorized use of an automobile.

Akubu came to this country from Nigeria and has a long history of arrests and convictions for violent crimes.

In 2013, Akubu pleaded guilty to aggravated assault after shooting at someone, and in 2012, he pleaded guilty to assault after he being arrested for raping a woman. He was last released from prison in November 2020.

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