China’s BIZARRE Response to Russia’s Ukraine Invasion

Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China was strengthening ties with its ally Russia, while at the same time increasing economic cooperation with Ukraine. China’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shows that dynamic. In this episode of China Uncensored, we look at China’s response to the Ukraine crisis, how China is trying to turn Russia into North Korea, and how China’s response to the invasion has affected its citizens there.

China Uncensored

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  1. Thomas MacGinnes · March 4

    Putin is not expanding any war beyond removal of criminals operating in the Ukraine’ . if my sentiments were a resurrection of past indignities & threats & atrocities i’d be out in front of this (What?) . Who wants war for war sake or an economic kickstart !?! Well (we) all got That ! when and where is this (what?) going to quit/stop -?- Observe and Reserve , Conserve and Deserve to look very hopefully upon a brighter day !!! time is your friend or it will be the master of your woes, for it can go on for Ever .

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