About Lithuania (our Mexico)!

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Lithuania (/ˌlɪθjuˈeɪniə/ (listen); LithuanianLietuva[lʲɪɛtʊˈvɐ]), officially the Republic of Lithuania (Lithuanian: Lietuvos Respublika), is a country in the Baltic region of Europe. It is one of three Baltic states and lies on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. Lithuania shares land borders with Latvia to the north, Belarus to the east and south, Poland to the south, and Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia to the southwest. Lithuania covers an area of 65,300 km2 (25,200 sq mi), with a population of 2.8 million. Its capital and largest city is Vilnius; other major cities are Kaunas and Klaipėda


Since the Neolithic period the native inhabitants of the Lithuanian territory have not been replaced by any other ethnic group, so there is a high probability that the inhabitants of present-day Lithuania have preserved the genetic composition of their forebears relatively undisturbed by the major demographic movements, although without being actually isolated from them. The Lithuanian population appears to be relatively homogeneous, without apparent genetic differences among ethnic subgroups.

A 2004 analysis of MtDNA in the Lithuanian population revealed that Lithuanians are close to the Slavic and Finno-Ugric speaking populations of Northern and Eastern Europe. Y-chromosome SNP haplogroup analysis showed Lithuanians to be closest to Latvians and Estonians.

Ethnic Lithuanians make up about five-sixths of the country’s population and Lithuania has the most homogeneous population in the Baltic States. In 2015, the population of Lithuania stands at 2,921,262, 84.2% of whom are ethnic Lithuanians who speak Lithuanian, which is the official language of the country. Several sizeable minorities exist, such as Poles (6.6%), Russians (5.8%), Belarusians (1.2%) and Ukrainians (0.5%).

Lithuania – Wikipedia

Lithuanian culture and behavior are clearly related to Jewish, Slavic, Arab and African.

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An anti-White Lithuanian that likes to role play as a German writes:

“You have a love/hate obsession with Lithuanians at over 20+ shit-posts regarding specifically the topic of “Lithuanians”, you very recently promoted a Lithuanian channel which contradicts this.”

I guess that the Lithuanian believe that I “promoted” The Salty Cracker, because I posted a few of his videos (the Lithuanian is clearly not mentally stable).

Lithuanians and Eastern Europeans in general, clearly don’t like that we apply the same standards of pattern recognition, statistics, etc. as we do with other non-Whites.

Here are some of the “shit-posts” that I have randomly, casually and coincidentally posted:

Lithuanian truck driver expelled from Denmark

29-year-old Lithuanian man arrested in large case of burglary of private residences

Lithuanian van full of stolen goods found at the Danish-German border

54-year-old Lithuanian tried to smuggle almost 2,000 litres of Polish alcohol across the border

31-year-old Lithuanian burglar arrested on his way out of Denmark

Lithuanian man sentenced to prison and deportation for large amount of stolen goods

Lithuanian man extradited from Germany – and sentenced on the same day

Two Lithuanians and a Pakistani have all been sentenced to deportation from Denmark for six years.

49-year-old Lithuanian woman sentenced to 8 years in prison for attempted money laundering of 29 billion kroner

Lithuanian Thief stopped in control on his way out of the country

Three persons (at least one from Lithuania) convicted total of seven years and eight months in prison in cases of violence, attempted witness intimidation and illegal weapons possession

32-year-old Lithuanian citizen convicted of, among other things, 19 burglaries

Two men from Lithuania are serving a prison sentence of two years and three months for a series of burglaries in machinery halls, where GPS equipment for agricultural machinery was stolen for hundreds of thousands of kroner.

Lithuanian man sentenced to one and a half years in prison and deportation for 12 years in case of theft of valuable construction machinery

Immediate sentence to extradited Lithuanian for burglary at bike shop

Lithuanian man extradited from Germany and remanded in custody in million-kroner theft case

Two Lithuanian men remanded in custody in case of theft of valuable work machines

Lithuanian man remanded in custody in valuable equipment theft case

Two Lithuanian men, aged 33 and 34, were sentenced to six months’ unconditional imprisonment

47-year-old Lithuanian woman found guilty of attempted money laundering of 140 million Kroner from Eastern Europe and Russia

Two Lithuanian men sentenced to prison and deportation for burglary in Western Jutland

Lithuanian man sentenced to prison and deportation for theft of valuable bicycles in Varde

Lithuanian man sentenced to prison and deportation for heeling valuable bikes

46-year-old Lithuanian sentenced at Randers Court to two years’ unconditional imprisonment for attacking 24-year-old with multiple stab wounds

Two Lithuanians are in court for major bike theft

32-year-old Lithuanian sentenced to prison and deportation for elaborate burglary

Jail and deportation for life in case of stolen bicycles and violation of entry ban (Lithuania)

57-year-old Lithuanian man sentenced to prison and deportation for 12 years for smuggling hashish

Lithuanian man extradited and remanded in custody in case of large-scale theft of bicycles.

Lithuanian sentence to three months in prison and deportation from Denmark for committing two burglaries and violating an entry ban

29-year-old Lithuanian man charged with multiple counts of burglary and extensive case of data fraud.

57-year-old Lithuanian man remanded in custody in case of smuggling 30 kilos of hashish.

Lithuanian burglar was sentenced to unconditional imprisonment for a year and two months, the 39-year-old Lithuanian was already prohibited from staying in Denmark.

21-year-old Lithuanian charged with cocaine smuggling

Two Lithuanian men arrested and charged with extensive thefts from cars

Lithuanians convicted of organised break-in of bicycle shops / 38-year-old Lithuanian man sentenced to imprisonment and expulsion for the theft of designer bikes.

Lithuanian man sentenced to prison for stealing truck with food

Two Lithuanian men were convicted of theft.

Lithuanian in a big case of cigarette smuggling

Lithuanian, Bulgarian and Polish criminals stopped at the border

Travelling bands of criminal foreigners a major headache for Denmark!

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

How can such a small population do so much crime around North and West Europe?

It’s worth noting that Lithuanian crime in Denmark (with a population about 2.8 million) seem to be similar to Polish crime in Denmark (with population about 38 million) and Romanian crime in Denmark (with a population about 20 million and about 3’3% “Gypsies”).

We have close to no crime from Germany (with a population about 60 million, plus about 20 million immigrants). And we even share borders with Germany.

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

Image result for Number of immigrants in Denmark in 2018, by top 20 countries of origin


The real numbers are much worse!

A Statistics Scam to manipulate the Danes

White genocide is not a conspiracy theory!

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Net contributors to the EU budget

Which Countries are EU Contributors and Beneficiaries?

Which Countries Are the Biggest Boost or Drag on the EU Budget?

EU – Who pays the bill?

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