Leopards for Ukraine: Scrap or Wunderwaffe?

There is a discussion in Germany about sending Leopard 1s to Ukraine. The question is how good these tanks are and how the Ukrainian forces could deploy them. In this video we look at the capabilities of the Leopard 1 in regards to the T-72, T-80 and T-90 tanks.

The chairman of Rheinmetall stated that in a few months 50 could be shipped. There are an additional 100 in storage with the company FFG. Meanwhile the German chancellor is reluctant. The general public opinion is in favor of sending heavy weapons to Ukraine.

Military History Visualized

2022Germany approved the sale of BMP-1s (Pvb 501) from a Czech Company to Ukraine. These are former East German BMP-1s that were converted for the Swedish Armed Forces as such the name Pvb 501. This video details the way the BMP-1s went and also why the German government has to approve the sale of a Czech company.

Military History not Visualized

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