Denmark in talks with Rwanda on transfer of asylum-seekers

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Denmark is in talks with Rwanda about setting up a new procedure for transferring asylum seekers to the East African nation, mirroring a similar move by Britain announced last week.

A deal with Rwanda would make Denmark the first European Union member to effectively bypass the bloc’s fragmented migration and asylum system.


UK looks up to Denmark (as always)!

Under this new scheme, people claiming asylum in the UK are to be relocated to Rwanda, where their cases will be processed. If they are granted asylum, they will be encouraged to remain in Rwanda for at least five years.

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Denmark passes law to relocate asylum seekers outside Europe

5-10 countries are in play for reception centre for asylum seekers



  1. Does this include asylum refugee invasives already in Denmark as well?

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 28

      We should not hope for too much. These kind of things are always big talk to gain voters for the next election.

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