Monkeypox Virus 2022

Monkeypox virus (MPV or MPXV) is a double-stranded DNA virus that causes monkeypox in humans and other animals. It belongs to the genus Orthopoxvirus in the family Poxviridae. It is one of the human orthopoxviruses that includes variola (VARV)cowpox (CPX), and vaccinia (VACV) viruses. It is not a direct ancestor to, nor a direct descendant of, the variola virus, which causes smallpox. Monkeypox disease is similar to smallpox, but with a milder rash and lower mortality rate.

Variation in virulence of the virus has been observed in isolates from Central Africa, where strains are more virulent than those from Western Africa. The two areas have distinct clades of the virus, termed Congo Basin (Central African) and West African clades.

Monkeypox is carried by animals including primates. It was first identified by Preben von Magnus in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1958 in crab-eating macaque monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) being used as laboratory animals. The 2003 outbreak in the United States was traced to prairie dogs infected from an imported Gambian pouched rat.

Monkeypox virus causes the disease in both primates and in other animals. The virus is mainly found in tropical rainforest regions of central and West Africa.

The virus can spread both from animal to human and from human to human. Infection from animal to human can occur via an animal bite or by direct contact with an infected animal’s bodily fluids. The virus can spread from human to human by both droplet respiration and contact with fomites (touchable surfaces) from an infected person’s bodily fluids. The incubation period is between 10 and 14 days. Prodromal symptoms include swelling of lymph nodes, muscle pain, headache, fever, prior to the emergence of the rash.

The virus is mainly found in the tropical forests of Central Africa and West Africa. It was first discovered in monkeys in 1958, and in humans in 1970. Between 1970 and 1986, over 400 cases in humans were reported. Small viral outbreaks with a death rate in the range of 10% and a secondary human-to-human infection rate of about the same amount occur routinely in equatorial Central and West Africa. 

The primary route of infection is thought to be contact with the infected animals or their bodily fluids. 

The first reported outbreak outside Africa occurred in 2003 in the Midwestern United States in IllinoisIndiana, and Wisconsin, with one occurrence in New Jersey. No deaths occurred.


Outbreak of infection in 2022
The first cases of widespread community transmission of monkeypox outside Africa occurred in an outbreak that started in the UK in May 2022 and is still ongoing. The outbreak is with the mild West African variant. The outbreak has spread to a number of countries, first reported from the United States, Spain, Portugal and Sweden, later also Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal Norway, Canada and Australia. On May 20, 120 confirmed or suspected cases of outside Africa were reported. On 23 May 2022, the Danish Patient Safety Authority announced that the first Danish case of the outbreak had been diagnosed. The patient had been travelling in Spain.


Monkeypox Primarily Affects Gay Men.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that 98% of those infected around the world were gay or bisexual men who were having sex with other men.

Additional survival tricks

NYC Public Health Mafia Wants WHO to Rename Monkeypox Becasue It’s Racist

NYC joins many public health experts and community leaders who have expressed their serious concern about continuing to exclusively use the term *monkeypox* given the stigma it may engender, and the painful and racist history within which terminology like this is rooted for communities of color.

Vermont Folk Troth

Elon Musk Is Not a Renegade Outsider – He’s a Massive Pentagon Contractor

Musk has deliberately cultivated this image of himself: a real life Tony Stark figure who thinks for himself and is not part of the established order. But behind this carefully constructed façade, Musk is intimately connected to the U.S. national security state, serving as one of its most important business partners. Elon, in short, is no threat to the powerful, entrenched elite: he is one of them.

Vermont Folk Troth

Denmark use a lot of loanwords from Dutch and Low German in regards to ships

Denmark use a lot of loanwords from Dutch and Low German in regards to ships. Which is kind of funny when thinking of Danish history, the Vikings, the navy, Mærsk the biggest shipping company ever, etc..

Here is a few examples:

“Agter er i skibsterminologi betegnelsen for bagude (agterud), bageste del af skibet, og hækken er den del af skibet som rager agter ud over vandlinjen.

Achter (præposition) er det hollandske og plattyske ord for: bag ved, bag.”

“Betegnelsen kabys er formodentlig opstået fra den plattyske benævnelse, kabuse = bræddeskur og/ eller det hollandske kombuis.”

“Luv (fra nederlandsk te loeve waart, ‘på vindsiden’) og læ er to maritime udtryk.”

“Ordet pøs stammer fra det hollandske ‘puts’, og betegnede oprindeligt en spand med et tov monteret på hanken. Midt på pøsens hank fandtes et øje, hvori tovværket var fastsplejset. På den måde var det muligt at kaste den overbord og dernæst hale en fyldt pøs med havvand indenbords. I træskibenes dage anvendtes havvand til stort set alt, hvad der skulle bruges vand til, idet der ombord kun fandtes en begrænset mængde af ferskvand.”


Proto-Germanic language

The German Language

How to tell apart Danish, German and Dutch

How to tell apart Dutch, Afrikaans and Frisian

Grimm’s Law & Verner’s Law

Red with a white cross that extends to the edges of the flag; the vertical part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side


Danish Language

Why does Old English sound like Danish?

English Words with Old Norse Origins

The North Germanic Languages of the Nordic Nations

Nynorsk and Bokmål: Why are there two ways to write Norwegian?

Bornholmsk Dialect

Scanian Dialect

Anglish – What if English Were 100% Germanic?

Why Danish sounds funny to Scandinavians

Isolated People in Sweden Used Runes Up Until The 20th Century

Scandinavians, Why Do They All Have the Same Name?

Mærsk – World Largest Shipping Company

Danish company has the technology ready for future CO2-neutral container ships

Danish ships begins cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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Danish Shipyards

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StanFlex or Standard Flex

Iver Huitfeldt-class frigate

The Absalon Class Frigate

Flyvefisken-class patrol vessel

Related image

The Epic Gunboat War

Fregatten Jylland

Danish Naval History…

Danish Sea Heroes?


The theatre was part of a combined theatre, hotel and restaurant complex that was built on the corner of Jernbanegade and Vestre Boulevard, the present H.C. Andersens Boulevard 1881-1883 by the architect Ove Petersen, who had previously designed the Royal Theatre, following a draft by architect Charles Abrahams, who was put off the task at the behest of the investor Isak Glückstadt in 1881 due to slowness. It was consecrated March 7, 1883. The theatre closed in May 1937 and was demolished and replaced by Dagmarhus because the fire authorities had instructed a possible new owner to demolish or rebuild the flammable building.


Related image

Dagmarhus, Vestre Boulevard 12 where Dr. Werner Best had his office.

WWII – Where did the Germans live?

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Danish Castles

Fortifications of Copenhagen

Kastellet and the Fortification Ring, Copenhagen, Denmark

Københavns Toldbod – Copenhagen Custom Tax Buildings

Københavns Frihavn – Copenhagen Freeport

The Little Mermaid

Rosenborg Castle

Christiansborg Slot – Christiansborg Castle

Christiansborg Bunker

Amalienborg Palace

Copenhagen City Hall

City Hall Square, Copenhagen

Frederiksberg Palace, Frederiksberg City Hall / Command Central

Charlottenborg Palace

Moltke’s Mansion

The Lur Blowers Monument

Dragon Fountain, Copenhagen

House of Architectural Heritage

Copenhagen 1960s

Copenhagen, Denmark

Winter in Denmark


King of the hill: Elephants, elegance and 170 years of Carlsberg

Thor in battle with the ‘giants’

Christianshavn, København, Danmark



Retired crane becomes luxury-retreat

The Olsen Gang’s Big Score, The Dragon House & The Gefion Fountain

University of Copenhagen Botanical Garden

Parks and open spaces in Copenhagen


Kronborg – Helsingør

Rosenborg Castle

Amalienborg Palace

Frederiksborg Castle

Fredensborg Palace

Charlottenlund Palace

Bernstorff Palace and Palace Gardens

Frederiksberg Palace, Frederiksberg City Hall / Command Central


Augustenborg Palace

Lerchenborg Slot

Gavnø Slot


Aalholm Slot



Vallø Slot

Hvedholm Slot

Tranekær Slot

Rosenholm Slot


Gråsten Palace

Borreby Castle

Rosenfeldt Manor


Gram Slot


Krenkerup Gods

Lykkesholm Slot


Skjoldenæsholm Slot











Krabbesholm (Gershøj Sogn)

Skanderborg Slot

Charlottenborg Palace

Varna Palæet

Moltke’s Mansion

Thott Mansion

Copenhagen City Hall

Valdemar’s Castle, Egeskov and Svendborg

Kronborg Castle and Helsingør Shipyard

Sønderborg Castle and Sønderborg Shipyard

Korsør Shipyard and Fortress

Hotel Koldingfjord

Værløse Air Base

More to come.

Ferdinand Vilhelm Jensen

Ferdinand Meldahl

Heinrich Wenck

Vilhelm Dahlerup

Martin Nyrop

Hack Kampmann

Emil Blichfeldt

Hermann Baagøe Storck

Ulrik Plesner

Aage Langeland-Mathiesen

Martin Borch

Johan Daniel Herholdt

Anton Rosen

Johan Schrøder

Vilhelm Fischer

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Denmark is Building a Tunnel to Germany

The Fehmarntunnel becomes a heavyweight

Denmark Is Building World’s First Artificial Island Full of Giant Wind Turbines

WIND FARM ASSEMBLY Off The Coast Of Sylt – Millimeter Work In All Weathers

Højgaard & Schultz

Talking politics and religions and doing powerlifting with Blood Chalice

Blood Chalice released its debut album on CD and vinyl not too long time ago. They played a strong gig at Turku Saatanalle VI black metal festival. We got to talk these guys as they came for some interview and powerlifting in Rauta gym.


Blood Chalice – Sepulchral Chants of Self-Destruction.

Country: Finland | Year: 2017 | Genre: Death/Black Metal.

Black Metal Promotion

These guys seem to be pretty based.

About believing and the “movement”

Trump Card

I have not watched this video!


Written and directed by acclaimed film maker, scholar, and New York Times best selling author Dinesh D’Souza, TRUMP CARD is an expose of the socialism, corruption and gangsterization that now define the Democratic Party. Whether it is the creeping socialism of Joe Biden or the overt socialism of Bernie Sanders, the film reveals what is unique about modern socialism, who is behind it, why its evil, and how we can work together with President Trump to stop it.