Russian Trained Dolphins Deployed To Ukraine War

Overview of the Russian Navy dolphins deployed to Sevastopol, Crimea, during the war with Ukraine. From the analyst who first broke the story. Overview of history, context and how they might be used. Unscripted as always, just knowledge sharing.

H I Sutton

Soviet Whaling: A Study in Evil

Soviet Anti-Tanks Dogs: Everything You Know is Wrong

Sinking of the Moskva

About Russia

The dolphin who loved me: the Nasa-funded project that went wrong

While friendly and cute, this whale has secrets.

Found near Ingøya, Norway, it’s believed to have been trained by the Russian navy and was wearing a camera holder.

Though it mostly seemed interested in fish and playing fetch.

BBC News


  1. ᛋᛠᛉ · May 3

    At least it wasn’t Agent Rick’s dolphin.

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