Russian Soldiers Keep Stealing Washers and Dryers + Russia Is Counting Killed Soldiers as ‘Missing’ to Hide Losses

Jake Broe

About Russia

“Russian Minority”

Vladimir Putin – KGB Agent

Better Relationship With Russia?

What are current Russian military options in Ukraine?

Russian Trained Dolphins Deployed To Ukraine War

Sabotage or Accidents? Fires in Russia – Map

Sinking of the Moskva

Wagner Group

Russia and China’s plans for a new world order

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

China is Refusing to Help Russia in Ukraine

Chinese and Russian Economies Continue to Integrate – Another Small Example of Fruits, Veggies, and Rail Lines


  1. ᛋᛠᛉ · May 15

    I shouldn’t laugh because none of this is really funny. But I’m still chuckling. You hear the one about the Tractor stealing russkies? For the record, I don’t know as I believe anything about the New Current Thing- but whatever.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Viking Life Blog · May 16


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