Victoria To Become First Australian State To Ban Public Displays Of ‘Nazi’ Swastika

At the behest of powerful Jewish supremacist groups in Australia, Victoria has introduced nation-leading legislation in a bid to fight the state’s so-called “Nazi swastika epidemic” by criminalizing public displays of the ancient symbol:

Under the Nazi Symbol Prohibition Bill, which was introduced by the state government on Wednesday, it will be a criminal offence for a person to intentionally display the Nazi symbol in public. Doing so could lead to fines of almost $22,000, 12 months imprisonment or both once the legislation is in effect.

It means Victoria will become the first Australian jurisdiction to ban the public display of the Nazi swastika.

Read more at Christians For Truth


  1. ᛋᛠᛉ · May 20

    Funny. The other day I read an NYT drivel saying how America must learn from the dingo quarantine. They said the Aussies all fell in line and didn’t resist. You might question the optics, or even if Agent Rick did the Swazi… But if it’s there, there’s resistance. Ish.

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