12-Year-Old Girl Awakens To Find Naked Illegal Alien In Her Bed

On Sunday, police arrested Diego Lara-Felix, 28, at a home near the intersection of 63rd Avenue and Thomas Road, where they found him naked, in a girl’s bedroom.

The 12-year-old girl reportedly awoke to discover Lara-Felix in her bed and screamed for her uncle.

Read more at: 

United States Illegal Alien Crime Report


  1. Jackie2015 · May 26

    Where were the parents? How did he get into the house? White parents watch your children and lock the doors. Also during the daytime. Because before you know it, the race-mixed may suddenly stand right in front of you.

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  2. milissa61 · May 26

    Every Damn Day!! you have at least one article about these beast, when are people going to understand they are not like us.

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    • Viking Life Blog · May 26

      You are absolutely right. Most of these cases comes from North Carolina and a few from Virginia, Texas, etc..
      Most people seem to be NPC drones. Madness!

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