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Retarded Clown-Denmark voted yes!

66,9% voted yes and 33,1% voted no


referendum on the abolition of the defense opt-out, one of the country’s opt-outs from the European Union, was held in Denmark on 1 June 2022. The referendum was announced on 6 March 2022 following a broad multi-party defense agreement reached during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. The referendum resulted in the yes side winning with approximately two thirds of the vote.


After the rejection of the Maastricht Treaty in the 1992 referendum, the Edinburgh Agreement was reached, which gave Denmark four opt-outs in the European Union, with one of these opt-outs being on defense matters. The Maastricht Treaty was subsequently ratified in 1993. The defense opt-out means that Denmark does not participate in the Common Security and Defence Policy or EU military operations. In addition, the opt-out means that Denmark does not participate in the decision processes in the EU related to military operations.

This is the third referendum to be held in relation to country’s opt-outs. In 2000 the Danish electorate rejected the adoption of the euro as national currency and in 2015 a proposal to modify the justice opt-out was also rejected.

For a referendum to be rejected, a majority of participating voters must vote against, and the voters voting against must represent at least 30% of the electorate. However the parties behind the defense agreement have agreed that the result of the referendum should stand regardless of the turnout. As such, the referendum effectively has no turnout requirement.


The defense agreement was signed and presented by the leaders of the Social DemocratsVenstreGreen Left (Socialist People’s Party)Social Liberal Party, and the Conservative Party. The parties endorsed the agreement, which also included increased defense spending and the aim of ending the country’s dependency on Russian gas. Liberal Alliance and the Christian Democrats have also endorsed the “Yes” option, while the Independent Greens voted “Yes” but did not recommend voters what they should vote.

The Danish People’s PartyNew RightYoung Conservatives and the Red-Green Alliance have opposed the abolition of the opt-out, recommending the electorate vote “No”.

On 30 March, the Danish Foreign Ministry released two bills (draft laws) for organising the referendum and joining the Common Security and Defence Policy. Following this, the wording of the referendum question, which did not mention the European Union nor the opt-out, was criticised by the Danish People’s Party and the Red-Green Alliance. Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod defended the wording, emphasising that the vote was about joining the other 26 EU member states. Following the criticism, Kofod announced a changing to the wording on 7 April, which now reads as “Do you vote for or against Denmark’s participation in the European defence and security co-operation by abolishing the EU defense opt-out?”

Concern was raised that eliminating the opt-out and participating in the CSDP could eventually lead to Denmark having to join a European army if one were to be created down the road. Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod committed that any such change would require treaty revisions, which would be put to the Danish people for approval in a new referendum.


This was the first time that Denmark had ever abolished one of its EU opt-outs.

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