About Unity and Parallel Societies

This is taken from a quick chat on Gab (which i was definitely not prepared for):



Mazzy Thegn:

Unity is crucial but we have a long way yet to go on that front. We have to get better at supporting each other.


You are absolutely right! We have a lot to learn.

Mazzy Thegn:

Yes, we do. And I do think a really good place to start is by getting better at starting businesses so we can support likeminded people directly. Especially within the toll walls of the EU there aren’t that many pro-White businesses.


I agree. The Americans seem to be better at it, like businesses sponsoring “Right-Wing” podcasts for example.
A part of “parallel society” I need to think more about.

Mazzy Thegn:

It’s crucial because the thing people fear the most about the whole doxxing thing is their loss of income, which has happened a lot, but if we start to build our own eco system of shops, services and businesses it’ll be much easier for us to mitigate the consequences imposed and doxxing will become lot less of an issue. That will lead to more people openly speaking out against the madness of this world.

Mazzy Thegn @mazzyconfig

I have shared information about parallel societies hoping that people would come to a similar conclusion as me (which is my normal approach), but I have failed at giving any “clear guideline” for what to do or anything more than basic reasons to why!

When I think of parallel society I mostly think of not having to be around the invasives and the anti-Whites in general. Mazzy gives a good example of how things can come together, on a higher level. A good start!

I hope this will serve as fruit for thought.

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  1. ᛋᛠᛉ · June 8

    We all know “nigger fatigue” is a thing. I’m hoping we get a “Nazi fatigue.” People are getting tired of White Supremacy claims, eternal programming, CRT and up. I think a huge stepping stone would be for normies to begin to say “I don’t care anymore.” Without the general populace weaponised against anyone with any kind of dissident thinking leaning Right and White, survey says, we’d be doing okay. If it can happen, it’s still a ways off though. But I don’t think it’s impossible.

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    • Viking Life Blog · June 8

      I am positive minded. We need to have something positive to offer. People here in Denmark are generally not against ethno-nationalists on a personally level. People choose to not living in the ghettos, they choose not to be around the invasives and will accept our views and they will even provide the “racist jokes”. We just need to be all around the place looking like a winning cause.

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      • ᛋᛠᛉ · June 8

        Yup. That’s good though. I deal with some normies like that, but they’re usually a little older and better established – not as afraid of getting zucc’d from their money.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Viking Life Blog · June 8

        Yes, the ones that choose the Rainbow are usually not as reasonable. 😄

        Liked by 2 people

      • ᛋᛠᛉ · June 8

        Nope. Insert Karen or Soyjack meme at will.


      • Viking Life Blog · June 8

        Good point! 😄

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