10,000 wind turbines to double the capacity for offshore wind in the North Sea

The strong wind in the North Sea west of Denmark must now be converted into energy.

Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium will agree to double the capacity for offshore wind in the North Sea to at least 150 gigawatts by 2050.

The parties will meet on Wednesday for a summit on offshore wind in Esbjerg.

The many gigawatts are enough to supply approximately 230 million European households with green power and will require total investments of over DKK 1000 billion.


Four countries signed a declaration in Esbjerg on Wednesday to build up 10,000 giant wind turbines to supply half of the energy from the sea that the EU will need by 2050.


Fish, birds and marine animals are at risk of falling victim to 10,000 new offshore wind turbines

Experts and fishermen point to a number of problems in erecting 10,000 new wind turbines at sea. It can have serious consequences for nature and life in the area as well as have consequences for weather and wind, sounds the warning.


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