Did Google Create a Sentient AI?

We are still no closer to conscious machines.

Keith Woods

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In 2018, Google admitted that it had been unable to solve the auto-identification of black people as “gorillas,” and had therefore resorted to simply preventing Google Photos from ever labelling any image as a gorilla, chimpanzee, or monkey – even pictures of the primates themselves.

Amazon Facial Detection Software Identifies Dark-Skinned Females as Male (Google Photo auto-identification of black people as gorillas)

AI Censorship of Google and Facebook

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 128px-Gay_Pride_Flag.svg.png


China’s Communist Propaganda PUSHED by YouTube and Google

Google blocked animal rights group from blowing whistle on NIH-funded cruel dog experiments

Climate Emergency Hoax: Google to Demonetize “Climate Change Denial” Content

Revealed: Google illegally underpaid thousands of workers across dozens of countries

According to Google a “Happy White Woman” Has a Black Man

Google Engineer Leaks Nearly 1,000 Pages of Internal Documents of Bias, Censorship

Lawmakers DEMAND Google Turn Over Internal Emails and Algorithms

SO IT BEGINS! Google Antitrust Starts

Google Insider LEAKS HUNDREDS of Documents Showing Plan to Control Election

Major Victory in MASSIVE Lawsuit Against Google for Extreme Bias

Is Google Helping China’s Military? | Trump vs Google on CCP

Google: “european people history”

Google: american woman nature

Type ‘white couple’ into Google & this is what you get. It’s almost as if they are pushing an agenda…

Google search ‘white mother with child’ & you will see the establishment’s agenda – they want to replace Europeans.

If you enter the following search phrase in German Google: “Germans should” then comes …

Google Boycotted Easter.

Trump announces lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook and Google

Australia passes law to make Google and Facebook pay for news

Ex-Google Employee Drops MASSIVE Red Pill on Toxic Diversity and the Progressive Agenda

Google is Still Tracking You, Even When You Tell Them Not to…

Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter All Work With Left-Wing SPLC on Censorship

Leaked Google Meeting Shows Employees Plan to Censor Internet

Colin Kaepernick Is The New Face Of Nike / Google Cuts Deal with Mastercard to Share User Data

Who do you think owns Google?

Warning: Google’s Chrome Browser Secretly Scans All Files On Your PC

EU gives Facebook and Google three months to tackle extremist content

Star Wars Last Jedi Flops in China and More (LEGO, Google, CIA)

James Damore Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Google

Prager University Files Lawsuit Against Youtube and Google

ADL, Youtube, Google, Twitter and Microsoft Team Up to Fight Hate Speech

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