Schloss Waldeck

Schloss Waldeck (or Waldeck Castle) is a castle complex built as a 12th-century castle in the town area of Waldeck in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district of Hesse (Germany).

Inner courtyard with northeast and southeast wings, tower and museum.

Cannon and gunpowder tower.

Inner courtyard with gunpowder tower.

Entrance at lower gate.

The castle well , created in the 16th century, is about 120 m deep. For hours of work, the water had to be brought up to the surface of the bucket via a wheel train. As early as 1612, a pumping station was planned as part of a water art project to transport water from Herrentränke in the valley to the castle. Today it is uncertain whether the plan was implemented.

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Castles in Hesse

Josias, Hereditary Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont was a fabulously wealthy German royal who became an SS general and a close confidante of Heinrich Himmler. With command responsibility for Buchenwald Concentration Camp and involvement in other controversial actions, he was one of many German royals and nobles who joined the Nazis and paid the price at war’s end.

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Schloss Arolsen

Schloss Pyrmont

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