Before The “Collaborator” Trials: When Murder Became Legal

Disclaimer: I am not encouraging anybody to do anything!

Most of these murders (“Stikkerlikvideringerne”) happened in 1945 and especially the last months of the occupation, when the Germans were showing less interest in dealing with these kind of problems.

“During and after the occupation, the resistance movement tried to give the impression that the liquidations only took place after thorough investigation, and that the decisions about liquidation were taken by a liquidation committee directly under the Freedom Council. Later investigations have shown that in most cases the decisions were taken by the resistance movement’s city leadership or by the leadership of the individual resistance groups. Often the decision-making basis was flimsy.”


“The shooting down of “snitches” was of the utmost importance for the resistance movement, and you cannot judge the killings from the point of view of the rule of law. It was an emergency and a war. If shrewd historians and journalists today think that you could just borrow a courtroom to hold a proper trial with evidence for and against an accused stabber, then they have to believe,” says Frede Klitgård.


There seems to be a general agreement that these 400 murders was justified!

Wouldn’t the same and much more be justified when the collaborators, traitors and invasives are about to loss their rule over the Danish host?

“In 1970 there are approx. 20,000 foreign workers in Denmark. The vast majority only intend to live and work in Denmark for a few years. After that, they will return to their home country. But once the children have arrived here and started school, the planned journey home is rarely realized.”



“People with Danish origin: a total of 4,851,524 people or a total of 83.9 percent.

Persons with a background as immigrants and descendants: a total of 929,666 or a total of 16.1 percent.”

Den Korte Avis

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Loss of general trust

Danish “Collaborator” Trials

Nationalization of Anti-White Businesses

Infiltration, Undermining and Exploitation

National Security Search Engine: Google Ranks Filled with CIA Agents

Google – one of the largest and most influential organizations in the modern world – is filled with ex-CIA agents. Studying employment websites and databases, MintPress has ascertained that the Silicon Valley giant has recently hired dozens of professionals from the Central Intelligence Agency in recent years. Moreover, an inordinate number of these recruits work in highly politically sensitive fields, wielding considerable control over how its products work and what the world sees on its screens and in its search results.

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Google: “european people history”

Google: american woman nature

Type ‘white couple’ into Google & this is what you get. It’s almost as if they are pushing an agenda…

Google search ‘white mother with child’ & you will see the establishment’s agenda – they want to replace Europeans.

If you enter the following search phrase in German Google: “Germans should” then comes …

Google Boycotted Easter.

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Sunk Cost Fallacy

The sunk cost fallacy has also been called the “Concorde fallacy”: the UK and French governments took their past expenses on the costly supersonic jet as a rationale for continuing the project, as opposed to “cutting their losses”.

In economics and business decision-making, a sunk cost (also known as retrospective cost) is a cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered. Sunk costs are contrasted with prospective costs, which are future costs that may be avoided if action is taken. In other words, a sunk cost is a sum paid in the past that is no longer relevant to decisions about the future. Even though economists argue that sunk costs are no longer relevant to future rational decision-making, people in everyday life often take previous expenditures in situations, such as repairing a car or house, into their future decisions regarding those properties.

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Imported Overclass Invasives Who Want To Dispossess White America

Above, left to right : Sundar Pichai, Jeet Heer, Nikki Haley, Jia Lynn Yang, Saira Rao, and Karen Attiah

Republicans who denounce illegal immigration, but then stress the “need” for more legal immigration, as VDARE has said through the years, aren’t just myopic: they are blind to the reality that immigration will soon change the country permanently, and perhaps create conditions that are beyond repair. One reason legal immigration is particularly dangerous: It is creating an “overclass” of skilled immigrants who will leverage their professional success and financial power to greatly hasten white dispossession, and bring about the Great Replacement.

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It’s Time To Ban Chinese Students And Academics From Universities. They Are Spies And Possibly Sleeper Saboteurs For The Red Regime

Dan Cadman of the Center for Immigration Studies has raised an obvious question about U.S. policy vis-à-vis foreigners who come here to study. Why do we allow nearly a half-million Red Chinese “students” to attend colleges in the United States [More Evidence of CCP Activism at U.S. Universities, July 27, 2022]? Whatever the answer, Cadman links to two alarming reports that show the urgency of deporting these “students,” every one of whom is a potential spy and/or saboteur. Some, of course, actually are. Fang Fang, the Chinese spy who famously worked for leftist U.S. Eric Swalwell of California, entered the country as a student [Suspected Chinese spy reportedly slept with, courted US officials to gain intel, by Mark Moore, New York Post, December 8, 2020].

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While Story Of Illegal Alien Impregnating Child Is Disgusting, It’s Hardly Unusual

Earlier this month, nearly every mainstream media outlet in the country reported that a 10-year-old girl in Ohio had been raped and impregnated by Gerson Fuentes, a 27-year-old illegal alien from Guatemala.

Though it was obvious that the msm’s narrative on this story was not the fact that children are being raped inside this country by illegal aliens, but that the pre-teen supposedly had to cross state lines to obtain an abortion.

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Industry profitability collapses by 70%! China’s real estate crisis is dragging down steel mills

The debt crisis in China’s real estate industry has not only spawned a large number of unfinished buildings or rotten tail buildings as they’re called in China, but the crisis has also affected its upstream steel industry. People may have two general impressions of China’s steel industry. First is its size. It’s the world’s largest, scale-wise; second is its overcapacity. The latter is a headache for the world, as China floods the market with cheap steel it has shut down steel mills in other countries and left workers unemployed. For nearly a decade, the U.S. and Europe have been fighting the CCP over this issue.

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China’s Mortgage Crisis, Banks are Failing, Protests Everywhere. China’s financial crisis is Here…

Protesters CRUSHED by Police | Henan Bank Protest | China is now celebrating the death of pro-Taiwan MP and former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe | Biden may soon lift tariffs on Chinese goods coming into the US due to inflation