Bosnian citizen sentenced to imprisonment and deportation for insane driving and violence

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A 28-year-old Bosnian citizen is in the court in Sønderborg been sentenced to a year and ten months of unconditional imprisonment for, among other things, insanity driving. At the same time, he is disqualqualed from driving for eight years and expelled from Denmark for 12 years.

One afternoon in November 2021, he was driving at risk and was stopped by a police patrol in Sønderborg. The 28-year-old tried for about 35 minutes to drive from police. Among other things, he drove several times over 100 km per hour in the urban zone and past road works, exposing others to imminent danger.

After being remanded in custody, he committed assault on another inmate. He’s also convicted of that.

Danish Police

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Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

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