Gustavsburg is a baroque building by the Swedish architect Jonas Erikson Sundahl in the Saarland town of Jägersburg. The building was once called Hattweiler Castle, was renamed Hansweiler Castle in 1590 and Gustavsburg in 1720. It is located in the center of Jägersburg directly at the 1.7-hectare castle pond.

Remains of the building fabric reveal that the complex was originally a Salian border castle, which was destroyed by Barbarossa around 1168 and then rebuilt as Stauferburg.

In 1720, Duke Gustav Samuel Leopold had Sundahl’s residential building renovated in the Baroque style and a chapel added and named the complex Gustavsburg after himself. After the French Revolution, Gustavsburg Castle came into the possession of the forester Christian Lindemann, in 1842 into that of the Bavarian Forest Administration, before it was taken over by the municipality of Jägersburg in 1973. From 1978 to 1981, the city of Homburg had Gustavsburg restored with subsidies from the Saarland.

Today, the castle is owned by the city of Homburg and houses the Jägersburg Castle and Palace Museum. The hall on the upper floor is available for exhibitions, concerts and parties. The chapel and the ballroom are often used by bridal couples for weddings.


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