What Happened to the Old Norwegian Flag?

Norway is one of Scandinavian countries alongside Denmark, Sweden and Finland and like these countries has a flag featuring a Nordic cross. In today’s video let’s look at the history of the Norwegian flag and what happened to the old Norwegian flag.

History With Hilbert

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The Kalmar Union

Make Scandinavia Danish Again! – Kalmar Union 2.0


Denmark’s Personal Unions


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Denmark: The Oldest Germanic Country!

The oldest continuously used national flag

Flag of Denmark

Flag of Sweden

Flag of Norway

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The Epic Gunboat War

Fregatten Jylland

Danish Naval History…

Danish Sea Heroes?


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  2. Hilbert does good work. This is neat. I’ve just begun reading The Heimskringla.

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    • Viking Life Blog · August 16

      If you read about The Heimskringla at Wikipedia in Danish, it seem as if Denmark had the two original versions (Morkinskinna and Fagrskinna), both were made in three copies. The orginals were lost in one of Copenhagen’s many big fires. Some, if not all the copies are still around.

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      • There’s a podcast I like called Brute Norse. In one of the episodes the guy, Eirik, was talking about Danish anthropologists and Iceland. Regarding the works of the Sagas, the Danish Court used the logic of “Norway was Denmark, and you were Norway, therefore all your history are belong to us.” Which I thought was a powerful flex.

        I’m just glad there’s folk enough with presence of mind to save these kinds of things.

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      • Viking Life Blog · August 16

        I agree. Denmark is the natural leader of the North. Denmark usually have the best museums and cultural places.

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      • Are they busy? I love museums but I don’t care for crowded spots. Luckily for me, in America, museums aren’t the first choice of tourists. So when I go, it’s never too bad.

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      • Viking Life Blog · August 16

        They are properly busy now. It gets better when tourist season is over. Some museum are (or were) free of charge on Wednesdays, those days might be full of children.
        Most museums use to be free of charge, but that might be rare to day. The state rather lose money on the invasives! 🤡

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      • Bummer.

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