Storm P

I was at the Storm P museum as a teenager (some years ago). I have a image of a drawing in my head, but I can not find it online.

The image (as I remember it) has some similarities with “Back to Nature” (above).

Storm P. Museum at Frederiksberg.

“Indside and Outside”

“Everyone is closest to himself”

From Wikipedia:

Robert Storm Petersen (19 September 1882 – 6 March 1949) was a Danish cartoonist, writer, animator, illustrator, painter and humorist. He is known almost exclusively by his pen name Storm P.

He was the son of a butcher and grew up in Copenhagen in a lower middle class environment. After interrupted studies at the Academy of Art, he worked as a free-lance painter, illustrator and cabaret entertainer. Already during World War I he was a well-known artist, and from about 1920 onward he was almost a national “institution” as a humorist, partly because of his versatile interests. His first comic strip was printed in 1906, in the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet. He was for many years connected to the Copenhagen newspaper Berlingske Tidende as a comic writer and cartoonist.

Petersen left about 60,000 drawings and 100 paintings of varied quality. His drawings are very often illustrated jokes, or series of a theme besides artist sketches. Among his favourite themes are the vagabonds – who are portrayed as dressed-up petty philosophers – and the circus milieu that he regarded with much warmth.

Storm P. Museum is located at Frederiksberg. Storm P. Museum first opened its doors to the public in 1977. The museum building is housed in a former police station which dates back to the mid-1880s. The museum features expressionistic watercolors and oil painting together with a comic strip library, sound clips, photographs, films and newspaper clippings. The museum also hosts a variety of changing exhibitions and educational activities. 

Read more at Wikipedia

Relateret billede

Gullaschbaron drawn by Storm P.

Between (((Gulasch Barons))) and Defending Neutrality – Denmark in WW1

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