Why Are Businesses Fleeing China?

Businesses are fleeing China for greener pastures. The pandemic certainly sped up the trend, but the pandemic isn’t the only reason they’re fleeing. In this episode of China Uncensored, we look at what businesses are saying about why they”re leaving China, some of the big names that have left recently, and why some are staying.

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  1. Viking Life Blog · October 2

    The ‘Made in China’ era is over!

    “Made in China 2025” was first revealed in May 2015. It aimed to use regime subsidies, mobilize state-owned enterprises, and pursue intellectual property acquisition to catch up and surpass the West’s technological prowess in advanced industries by 2049.

    However, about seven years after Beijing launched the plan, policymakers and security officials in the United States and other developed countries became aware of China’s attempt to become the dominant player in the field of advanced technology as a matter of national security. Therefore, the term is almost no longer appearing publicly, according to Asia Nikkei.


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