Mobilization, annexation and nuclear weapons

My thoughts on Russia’s mobilization and Putin’s decision to go ahead with annexation of four regions in Ukraine.

Anders Puck Nielsen

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Putin’s Partial Mobilisation: What the Hell is Happening?

About Russia

Vladimir Putin – KGB Agent

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

Putin Threatens to Launch NUCLEAR ATTACK as MASTERPLAN Unfolds – USA Within SATAN II Range.

President Putin recently announced that Russia intends to MOBILIIZE 300,000 additional RESERVE soldiers. However it subsequently transpires that the Decree authorizes up to 1 MILLION soldiers to be CONSCRIPTED. This news has caused PANIC in Russia and a MASS EXODUS of people who want to avoid being called up to fight in Ukraine. PROTESTS have started against the War and over 1,300 arrests made. In this video I provide full details of the latest situation, review the implications for Russia & the war and discuss the impact on the GLOBAL ECONOMY.

Joe Blogs


  1. Viking Life Blog · September 25

    Ukraine will not win this war militarily (there is a better way)


  2. Viking Life Blog · September 29

    Mobilized Soldiers are Already Surrendering in Ukraine

    The first Russian men who were mobilized by Putin just last week have already started surrendering in Ukraine. They tell their stories of receiving no training and not being given proper equipment. They were just sent to the front lines to be used as cannon fodder.


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