Danish Resistance Movement chief charged for spreading information about Jewish customs

Jacob Vullum speaks at Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration in Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish national chief of the Nordic Resistance Movement has been charged for disseminating information about Jewish culture and customs.

Jacob Vullum has been charged for breaching section 266b and 266b paragraph 2, better known as the “racism paragraph”.

The 266b racism paragraph reads:

Whoever publicly, or with intent to distribute in a wider circle, presents a proclamation or some other message by which a group of persons is threatened, mocked or degraded because of its race, skin colour, national or ethnic origin, faith or sexual orientation, is to be punished with a fine or prison up to two years.

2) In determining the punishment, it shall be considered an aggravating factor if the act had characteristics of propaganda.

Jacob Vullum is accused of “spreading information about a pan-Nordic Yom Kippur campaign in 2020”.

Read more at Nordic Resistance Movement

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