Ukraine Pushes Putin Back: The Latest Battlefield Update

After a flurry of counter-offensives, Ukrainian forces have continued to push Russian soldiers back in both Donbas and Kherson. So in this video, we breakdown the war’s recent developments, what might happen next and the limited options Putin has left.


Why do Russian defense collapse on the front lines in Ukraine? In this video we look at various factors that plague the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine.

Military History Visualized

About Russia

Vladimir Putin – KGB Agent

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

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  1. Viking Life Blog · October 4

    RUSSIA Forced to RETREAT from LYMAN as Putin is Urged to Retaliate with LOW YIELD NUCLEAR Missiles

    Russia is LOSING the War against Ukraine and has RETREATED from the Key Town of LYMAN which it has held since May and was used as a Supply & Transport HUB for the North of Ukraine. In Direct Response one of President Putin’s RIGHT HAND MEN has Urged Russia to Launch LOW YIELD NUCLEAR STRIKES on Ukraine. In this video I provide full details of the latest situation, as well as providing on update on the NORD STREAM Pipelines, European Gas SUPPLY and details of what a Low Yield Nuclear Bomb is. Finally I provide my view on the implications of the current situation for both Russia & the GLOBAL ECONOMY.


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