Danish government collapses over Covid-19 overreach, new SNAP election on November 1st!

Danish government implodes over Covid-19 mink extermination.

Renaissance Horizon

The Mink Case (DanishMinksagen) is a case about Government Mette Frederiksen’s orders for mink culling in Denmark during the coronavirus pandemic. It is the result of the government deciding on 3 November 2020, based on a risk assessment from the same day by the Statens Serum Institut (SSI), to cull all mink in Denmark. The orders were given by Mette Frederiksen at a press conference on 4 November. On November 8, it turned out that the orders were without legal basis (Danish: lovhjemmel) It was a political decision to kill all mink and not the SSI’s recommendation. Some of the killed mink were buried and subsequently re-exhumed.

The most important of the points of criticism is that the government ordered all mink in Denmark killed without legal authority and that the government, with its subsequent action, brought the mink breeders into an uncertain legal situation. Based on this and the Ministry of the Environment and Food’s report of 18 November 2020,[99] which stated that there was no legal authority to order mink killed outside the infection zones, the Prime Minister has apologized for the process, but maintained that it was well-founded in terms of health kill all mink.

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Last autumn, millions of mink were illegally massacred in Denmark after a Covid mutation was discovered in some of the animals. A mink commission was set up to clarify the cases and how much those responsible, including the prime minister, actually knew when the decision was made that all mink, including the healthy ones, would be killed.

But the investigation has come across a patrol. Crucial text messages from the Prime Minister and their loved ones were deleted and could not be passed on to the Commission, which BT newspaper was the first to reveal. In addition to the Prime Minister, Chief of Staff Martin Justesen, Minister Barbara Bertelsen and Minister Pelle Pape have taken the position.

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