The school ship Danmark runs into an American warship, thanks to American/Rainbow tug boat

No one on board was injured when the training ship was pulled into a US Navy ship by tugboats.

Watch the video at TV2 Nord

It certainly didn’t go as planned when a tug had to help the royal ship Danmark out of the harbor in the American city of Baltimore.

Watch the video at Avisen DK

Related image

Danmark (Skoleskibet Danmark)


  1. ZOG or Rainbow will do. I’m not sure any good comes of pretending there’s much of an America anymore. Just a business firm where our Land could have been.

    I love seeing boats like that.

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  2. Also, I find it poetic that modern Danish skade is spelt the same way as Swedes spell Skađi. which my spellchecker said should be “spanish.”

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