1. Never seen any of his stuff, to be honest.

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    • Viking Life Blog · October 13

      Good. I have seen a couple of his movies from the late 80s/early 90s. I think it’s pretty funny to hear him trash on them, even if I have not seen them.

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  2. The Tactical Hermit · October 12

    Absolute clown. If you ever want to have a good laugh watch these.

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    • Viking Life Blog · October 13

      Great videos. He use to run like a faggot. I doubt he does any running nowadays, being so fat.


  3. Viking Life Blog · November 30

    Who is Steven Seagal?

    Steven Seagal is a martial artist, action star, and musician known for his eccentric and often hilarious escapades in the media. With this comes a lot of confusing information, both from Steven himself and from the media that enjoys goading him. This Anomaly dives into the backstory of this fascinating individual, including the more egregious stories and questionable globetrotting he’s conducted.


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