Jews Want Their Cake — To ‘Pass As White’ — And Eat It Too — Still Be Unrivaled ‘Oppressed’ Victims

Now that Jews have attained unprecedented positions of power and wealth from being able to “pass as white,” they remain frustrated that they are no longer able to be accepted as a minority of oppressed victims of “anti-Jewish racism”.

The key to Jewish success has always been their ability to “pass as white” — which is why they changed their names, learned to speak the native language, and assimilate the customs and dress of the majority white populations.

This was all part of a self-conscious “strategy” — by their own admission — to blend in with the white Christian nations — and worm their way up to the highest echelons of power and wealth.

Christians For Truth

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Impersonating Whiteness

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  1. The Violator · 6 Days Ago

    Diversity pets view them as magic whites.
    Buck breaking will continue.
    What is Calypso Louie Farrahkhan up to?

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  2. crisscross767 · 5 Days Ago

    “EDOM IS IN MODERN JEWRY.” The Jewish Ency. 1925 Ed., Vol. 5, Pg. 41.

    “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or Hebrew.”

    …………the [non-Israelite] Edomites became a section of the Jewish people. “EDOM,” Encyclopaedia Judaica (Jerusalem, Israel: Encyclopaedia Judaica Company, 1971) Vol. 6, p. 378

    Malachi 1:1-4 showing the Zionist motives of Esau. Verse 4 says,

    1948 – 4 Though Edom says, “We have been beaten down, but we will return and build up the ruins”; thus says the Lord of hosts, “They may build, but I will tear down; and men will call them the wicked territory, and the people toward whom the Lord is indignant forever.”

    Esdras 6:9 …”For Esau is the end of this age, and Jacob is the beginning of the age that follows

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    • crisscross767 · 5 Days Ago

      The Jews are of Esau from Idumea, and therefore not of Israel or Judah; Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925, vol. 5, page 41.

      “Esau/Edom thereupon takes a daughter of Ishmael to wife” (Gen. xxviii. 9).

      Ishmael who took an Egyptian for a wife is the patriarch of the Arab nations (Genesis 21:21)

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    • Viking Life Blog · 5 Days Ago

      I have heard of some of the names, but did not know their stories.

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  3. crisscross767 · 5 Days Ago

    Jews declare themselves to be anti-White

    Don’t Deny Jewish History and Culture by Calling Us “White”

    Micha Danzig — Forward (New York)

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  5. tlamn · 4 Days Ago

    On it

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