Which Danosphere country is the most woke?

If you asked 5-10 years ago everybody would say Swedistan, but in the last 5 years other countries has been fighting hard to be the most woke.

North America (Canada and USA) has been going hard with drag queen story hour, turning their military gay, open borders, etc., Australia really tried with their Covid lockdowns, but the feminine Brits has to be the most woke Danosphere country ever. The Muslim rape-gangs, the police not fighting non-White crime which led to Londonistan passing New York’s murder rate, arresting Whites for writing naughty things on Facebook, Twitter, etc., banning White nationalist groups, having a Muslim mayor of Londonistan, having a non-White prime minister, etc., etc., etc..

As I understand 4Chan made a Swedistan campaign to shame the Swedes, hoping they would wake up. Maybe it’s UK’s turn to be shamed!?

United Kingdom No More!

About UK – Rape

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The Danosphere

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