Which western country will be first with popular uprising, revolution?

Contemporary social development is not only puzzling, it is also frightening, in several ways. We have a climate threat narrative that has escalated from quite quietly 30 years ago to media horror propaganda today. At no time during these thirty years has the media done any thorough examination of the IPCC and the climate threat.

With the support the environmental movement imagined for the climate threat, or actually felt from the media and those in power, they have gone ahead with dreams and propos of confiscation of private land, entirely in the spirit of functional socialism. They have thereby become part of the problem with the food supply in the world. They are by no means part of the solution. Their work has also had a negative impact on the environment in several respects.

The abolition of motoring is one thing that these deranged minds have on the agenda. People should walk, cycle or take public transport. But they should not be allowed to eat meat, which is considered harmful to the environment and climate. So a pseudo-debate has arisen whether it is wrong or right to accept carnivores if they ride bikes.

After the Second World War, we have had both labor immigration and refugees. Sweden even changed its constitution in the 70s, to open up to more. In real terms, however, the annual numbers have been low on average until a bit into this century. After the war on terror began with the attack on Iraq and later also Libya, the migrant flows have been large and continue to be so. Our authorities seem to make crazy decisions to write on our noses, decent people are deported while criminals and Islamists are allowed to stay.

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