Private Documents Reveal Trudeau Was Going to Use Tanks to Stop Freedom Convoy Protests Similar to What China did In Tiananmen Square Where a massacre took place against Protesters

Documents reveal that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau inquired about the use of martial law in February during the Freedom Convoy protests. 

Trudeau’s government defended the action of using wartime tanks saying that the country’s “social cohesion, national unity and international reputation” were at serious risk of “irremediable harms” at the hands of the peaceful protestors. 

The Canadian Prime Minister said that anti-vaxxers “don’t believe in science, they’re often misogynists, also often racists.” 

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China’s nuclear arsenal is now catching up with the US one. Here’s how.

A year ago, the US DoD estimated that China might have 700 warheads operational within the next five years. And up to a thousand by 2030. But this past summer, those estimates have gone up even further. So how many warheads might China really right now? And how many might it be aiming for in the near future? Watch the video to learn more.

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China pumps out more pollution in eight years than UK since Industrial Revolution

CO2 emissions of 80bn tonnes from 2013 to 2020 is higher than Britain’s 78bn over 220 years.


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China is Killing the World’s Oceans

Chinese epidemiologist who found the cure for the spread of coronavirus: “Chinese people should immediately stop having sex with chickens!”

Yulin Dog Meat Festival CONTINUES!!!

Yulin dog eating festival: 3000 dogs skinned alive, blow-torched then served-up as food

Why China’s dog eating festival is a wake-up call to the world

Ban on Eating Dogs and Cats Blocked in UK — It Might Offend Asian Migrants

China’s Global Fishing Wrecks Economies and the Ocean

20 Signs China’s Pollution Has Reached Apocalyptic Levels

5 Ways China Is DESTROYING the Planet

China ‘Pledges’ to Increase Pollution for Another Decade

China’s Collection of DNA Data Linked to Bioweapons, Religious Persecution, Organ Harvesting

(Illustration - Lee Charlie/Shutterstock)

Police in China’s Fuzhou City recently bragged about solving a break-in by conducting a DNA test of a blood smear from a mosquito that allegedly stung the burglar. However, the incident, which made global headlines, brings to the fore the threats associated with the exploitation of DNA databases.

The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) ambitious efforts to collect genomic data—from inside and outside of China—to solve crimes and maintain social control have already been raising concerns for years.

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Photos Show China’s Massive Military Buildup in South China Sea

Chinese leader Xi Jinping promised the US that China wouldn’t militarize the South China Sea. In good communist fashion, he did just that–on islands all over the South China Sea. In this episode of China Uncensored, we show photos of what China has done to militarize disputed islands in the South China Sea, how China might use these new military bases, and what kinds of infrastructure and weaponry they appear to have.

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How China Is Secretly Changing Everyone’s Maps

The South China Sea

China’s new SECRET WEAPON in the South China Sea

Malaysia Challenges China’s Might in the South China Sea

China Dumping SEWAGE Near Philippines

China HARASSES Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines In South China Sea

China says US warship illegally entered its territory in South China Sea

China’s Global Fishing Wrecks Economies and the Ocean

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China authorises coast guard to fire on foreign vessels

Chinese Missile Launch in South China Sea

Beijing warns US, outsiders not to amplify old disputes in South China Sea

Territorial disputes in the South China Sea

China Builds “Peaceful Missile Launchers” in South China Sea

Vietnam vs China Over Oil in South China Sea

What China Has Been Building in the South China Sea

China Tells Military to Prepare for War (again)

Great wall of sand

Spratly Islands dispute

What China Has Been Building in the South China Sea

China’s Plan to Conquer the Ocean

Why China’s Man-Made Islands Are Sinking

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The Death of China Uncensored?

China Uncensored has been able to reach millions of people thanks to YouTube, but it’s also restricted us from reaching many more people because of it censorship. We’ve seen a lot of our videos age restricted, and that’s even worse than being demonetized because it affects how many people see our videos. Because YouTube’s algorithm favors videos that get a lot of views, having our videos age restricted means that we go into a death spiral. In this episode of China Uncensored, we talk about why we think we’re being age restricted, how we’ve been able to survive with YouTube constantly censoring us, and what role you can play in making sure China Uncensored doesn’t meet an untimely death. Thank you to all our incredible fans who have supported China Uncensored over the past 10 years, we can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for us.

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China’s Cosco buys part of Hamburg’s port in “shopping spree” purchases from Europe’s ports

The German government reaches a compromise with the Chinese shipping company Cosco, which wants to take a large stake in a container terminal in the port of Hamburg.

There has been considerable political opposition to the agreement, which concerns critical infrastructure. Back in the spring, the European Commission warned against selling parts of the port. So have the German secret services and six German ministries, while the government parties, the Liberals and Greens – and a large majority of the German population – are also opposed to the sale.

Cosco, which is a major competitor to Maersk, had wanted to take a 35 percent stake in the Tollerort container terminal. But it has now been reduced to 24.9 percent. This has been done under pressure from the German coalition government, the sources said.

And the number is far from random.

By remaining below 25 percent, the Chinese company will not achieve what it calls blocking minorities, and they will not be able to influence strategic decisions around the terminal, explains Michael Reiter, DR’s Germany correspondent.


China Ocean Shipping Company, or COSCO in short, was founded in 1961 as a Chinese government agency

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How China Is Taking Over Europe’s Ports | CCP Trade, Economy, and Politics

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Denmark decided to turn down an offer last year from Chinese mining company General Nice Group to buy an abandoned naval base on Greenland due to security concerns, sources involved in the decision said.
Danish politicians did not want to jeopardise their country’s relationship with the United States, Copenhagen’s main ally, by granting another power a potentially military foothold in Greenland, the sources told Reuters.
In a statement to Reuters, the Danish defence ministry said the base at Gronnedal – which had been put up for sale – would be reopened as a strategic and logistical location for storing fuel and materiel and for training personnel. It did not comment on the Chinese offer.
“The government does not want to sell the naval base to China, as we have a long, close partnership with the U.S. and a defence agreement for Greenland with the U.S. from April 1951 to think about,” said a source with direct knowledge of the matter.
Greenland is part of Denmark with self-government over domestic affairs, while Copenhagen handles defence and foreign policy.

“It should be obvious to everyone that Denmark cannot have two superpowers playing hide-and-seek in Greenland. I don’t think the U.S. would find such a situation amusing either,” a second source said. Neither source wanted to be identified due to the sensitivity of the matter.
General Nice Group, which is registered in Hong Kong, did not respond to email and telephone calls requesting comment.
The U.S. government struck an agreement with Denmark in 1951 that gave it substantial military rights in Greenland to boost the defence of North America and the Arctic.

Instead of selling the Gronnedal base, which was constructed by the United States in 1942 to protect the flight route between America and Europe, the sale was suddenly cancelled last year.
The decision was supported by an overwhelming majority in the Danish parliament, which backed the decision to reestablish the base almost two years after it had been abandoned.
The defence ministry intends to send six people to Gronnedal soon to reopen the buildings and the harbour facilities, a government source told Reuters.
While the cancelled sale highlights western concerns over Chinese presence in the Arctic region, Greenland still hopes to attract foreign investment from China and other nations to bolster its economy with projects such as in gold, rare earths, iron ore and oil.
A collapse in global commodity prices has put this ambition temporarily on hold.

Because of the melting of Arctic ice in recent decades, the region has become increasingly interesting as a new route for shipping between Europe and the Far East.
In 2013, China became a observer to the Arctic Council, whose members are the United States, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.


CHINA Heading for ECONOMIC DOWNTURN as Results are DELAYED & Exports & GDP FALL & Debt RISES

China has UNEXPECTEDLY DELAYED the release of its Economic Results for Q3 raising concerns that the figures are significantly worse than expected. Trade figures for August show that the growth in both EXPORTS and IMPORTS fell compared to previous months and were SIGNIFICANTLY below Market Expectations. The BALANCE OF TRADE was also down more than $20 BILLION compared to July. In this video I provide full details and look at GDP and DEBT Levels. China is facing major headwinds of REDUCED DEMAND, RISING COSTS and ZERO TOLERANCE COVID LOCKDOWNS which has left it on the brink of RECESSION and ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.

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