$200M In Holocaust ‘Hardship’ Payments To Russian Jews Who Never Spent A Single Day In Any Concentration Camp

About 150,000 Jews who survived World War II in Russia — far away from any concentration camps — will nevertheless receive new “emergency funding” of approximately $1,400 per person from Germany in the coming days, according to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany:

The funds, totaling about $200 million and referred to as the Supplemental Hardship Fund Payment, were negotiated in 2020 and originally planned to be distributed in two payments by the end of 2022. But the Claims Conference, an organization representing world Jewry in restitution negotiations with Germany, and the German government agreed to speed up the payments to help recipients cope with the financial hardships because of the COVID-19 pandemic that have been renewed with the spread of the Omicron variant.

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Russia’s newest Yasen class submarines: US carriers’ biggest nemesis?

The quiet hunters of the deep, the nuclear power fueled submarines are often the big worry for US admirals. And after decades of lagging behind US designs, Russia has finally perfected its best hunter killer sub. The Yasen class. Is it the real carrier killer?

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The junkie mentality:

“Despite being a replacement for many types of submarines, the Borei-class submarines are slightly shorter than the Typhoon class (170 m (560 ft) as opposed to 175 m (574 ft)), and have a smaller crew (107 people as opposed to 160). These changes were in part designed to reduce the cost to build and maintain the submarines. In addition, the United States and Canada provided 80% of funds for scrapping the older Typhoon-class submarines, making it much more economical to build a new submarine.”


“At the end of the Cold War, the Zvezda shipyard was used to decommission Soviet nuclear submarines, with funding and support from the USA and Canada under the Nunn–Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction initiative.”


“The decommissioning of Russian nuclear-powered vessels is an issue of major concern to the United States and to the Scandinavian countries near Russia. From 1950 to 2003, the Soviet Union and its major successor state, Russia, constructed the largest nuclear-powered navy in the world, more ships than all other navies combined: 248 submarines (91 attack submarines, 62 cruise missile submarines, 91 ballistic missile submarines and four research submarines), four Kirov class battlecruisers, and a missile test ship, as well as nine icebreakers. Many were or are powered by two reactors each, bringing the total to 468 reactors. With the end of the Cold War and with its navy chronically underfunded, Russia has decommissioned many of these vessels, and according to one report dated November 2008, intended to scrap all decommissioned submarines (more than 200) by 2012. However, the safety records of the Soviet and Russian navies and the budgetary constraints on the Russian government are matters of great concern. Ships awaiting decommissioning receive little maintenance, and there are insufficient waste storage facilities, raising worries about possible ecological damage from accidents or improper storage.”


“The major issues are financial. In 1995, a Northern Fleet submarine based near Murmansk nearly suffered a nuclear meltdown when power was cut off due to unpaid electricity bills. Decommissioned vessels are often left in floating storage until funds can be allocated for their dismantling. As of November 2001, “up to 40% of the decommissioned submarines have been in floating storage without much maintenance for more than 10 years”.

The situation has caused concern in other countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and the Scandinavian countries, which have contributed funding and assistance. The Arctic Military Environmental Cooperation (AMEC) was a joint Norwegian, Russian, and American government consortium (later joined by the British) set up to deal with military environmental issues, mainly the dismantling of Russia’s nuclear submarine fleet in Europe. After the “somewhat acrimonious dissolution” of AMEC, the Norwegian and British governments shared the £3.9 million cost of dismantling a November class submarine. Under AMEC’s successor, Cooperative Threat Reduction, the British government financed the dismantling of two Oscar I submarines. The Nunn–Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program has been responsible for the deactivation and destruction of many weapons, including 33 nuclear submarines. With the “Star of Hope” program, Japan has funded the dismantling of five Victor III and one Charlie I submarines in the Far East.

Security is also an issue. Russian sailors have been convicted and jailed for two 1993 thefts of highly enriched uranium from fuel rods. In 1994, Russian officials caught two North Korean agents trying to buy submarine dismantlement schedules.”


“A Russian government report acknowledged in March 1993, that “during the period of 1965 to 1988 the Northern Fleet had dumped four reactor compartments with eight reactors (three containing damaged fuel) in the Abrosimov Gulf in 20 to 40 meters of water.” Six other compartments, containing nine reactors in all, had also been dumped into the water in the 1960s and 1970s”


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Denmark has detained Russian ship in Skagen

According to Reuters, the Russian Embassy in Denmark announced that a Russian ship was seized in Skagen on Monday.

The detention happened on Monday when the ship docked in Skagen to refuel. The ship is a research ship and the documents on board have also been seized.

Sixty-one people were on board the ship called “Akademik Ioffe”. That’s according to Reuters, citing Russian news agency RIA.

The detention should have been made at the request of a third party related to the ship’s previous activities.

An attaché at the embassy tells news agency Tass that the lawsuit comes from the Canadian company One Ocean Expeditions. That’s what Reuters reports.

The company said in 2019 that it had begun chartering the ship for passenger travel in the early 2010s.

However, “sudden and unexpected” it was withdrawn from use for passengers in 2019. One Ocean Expeditions thinks that’s a breach of contract.

The Russian Embassy has received copies of the court decisions on which the seizure is based.


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Why the French are not a valid “Contender” For European Hegemony compared to Prussia [Germany]

Make no mistake about the fact that the French indeed, are very hopeful about a return to their heydey of the Frankish Empire.

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About Germanic People and the Stewardship of Planet Earth

Why Were Medieval and Renaissance Aristocratic Republics Limited to High IQ Germanic Populations?

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There’s Something About Teutonics (Germanic people)

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Voting in the Council of the European Union – Germanic vs Non-Germanic

EU – Who pays the bill?

Net contributors to the EU budget

Which Countries are EU Contributors and Beneficiaries?

Which Countries Are the Biggest Boost or Drag on the EU Budget?

A 1994 view on “the incumbent poor four” and “the eastern enlargement”.

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Germania & The Niederwalddenkmal

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The Disappearance of the Eastern Germans

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German Castles

Russia & Israel are united by both nations’ ‘resolute rejection’ of anti-semitism and ‘any manifestations of xenophobia’ – Judeo-Slavic Alliance

Intense hatred for xenophobia, the battle against anti-Semitism, and the outright rejection of any attempts to rewrite and falsify the history of World War II are just a selection of the stances that unite both Israel and Russia.


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Doping in Russia

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Russia Calls for Entry into the Turkish Council, Discussions with Turkey Include a Pan-Slavic Muslim Army Hybrid

Truth Fears No Investigation

The Russian (((Bolshevik Revolution)))

An Invasive Duo


The Red Terror (1918) – How the Bolsheviks Went on a Rampage after the Russian Revolution

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Is modern Russian Army stuck in time?

This video goes in depth on the state, issues and capabilities of the today’s ground forces of the Russian military. With the focus being on hardware and numbers.

This video goes in depth about russian ground forces’ training and support capabilities. It also touches upon the russian naval infantry, airborne corps and even the national guard formation.

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Tiger I vs IS-2: How German “Defensive Blitzkrieg” Defeated Russian Tanks At Targu Frumos?

Tiger I vs IS-2: How German “Defensive Blitzkrieg” Defeated Russian Tanks At Targu Frumos?FactBytes2.093 visninger20. sep. 2021Battle of Targu Frumos During April and May of 1944, the Soviet 2nd Tank Army tried to break through the German-Romanian lines on the river Pruth in order to gain access to Central Romania with its rich oil fields.

The battle boomed at the beginning of May, when the Soviets were trying to brake through the front in the Targu-Frumos area in Romania and were confronted by the German “Grossdeutschland” Division.

Unlike so many battles in the East in 1944, the Germans were well-prepared to conduct a defense in depth at Targul Frumos and were able to coordinate the actions of dug-in defenders holding key terrain features with counterattacks by mobile forces to conduct what has since been called a “defensive Blitzkrieg.”

In three days of fighting, from 2-4 May 1944, German LVII Panzer Corps,in particular of the Grossdeutschland Division and 24th Panzer Division, defeated the Soviet force and destroyed over 350 Soviet tanks.

Targul Frumos is notable for being the first clash between the famous German Tiger tank and the new Soviet Stalin heavy tank – IS2.


The Great Tiger We All Know And Love

Hans Ulrich Rudel

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Same FBI That Chased Russia Collusion Hoax for Years Covered Up Sexual Abuse of USA Gymnasts

This story is awful on so many levels that it should probably come with a trigger warning.

The public has known about the many and horrific crimes of former USA Gymnastics team physician Larry Nassar for a few years now. What the public has largely been unaware of is the role that the Federal Bureau of Investigation played in attempting to prevent us from knowing about any of it.

FBI Predators Accused Of Grooming Kids, Shooting Civilians and Extorting Women In The Last Month Alone

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