Scottish Government Greenlights Plan to Let Asylum Seekers, Refugees Vote

The Scottish government has confirmed that asylum seekers and refugees will be handed the vote under plans to expand the franchise.

Parliamentary business minister Joe Fitzpatrick told MSPs on Wednesday: “it is right that people who make their lives here and contribute to society should have the right to vote, wherever they are from,” stating the government’s position on a consultation to expand the vote which was launched in December.

Scotland has already made use of powers devolved in 2016 which allow politicians to make big changes to the country’s electorate, with its parliament voting unanimously to lower the age of franchise to 16 in the same year.

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Starbucks’ Futile Bias Training

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance notes that massive studies of “bias training” show that it is an $8-billion-a-year waste of time. Often, it confirms biases. In the meantime, Starbucks is on its way to turning its stores into homeless shelters in an attempt to please blacks. And, as Eric Holder is discovering, blacks can be as biased as whites—against other blacks.

American Renaissance

Jared Taylor: “Irreconcilable Differences: We Need A Divorce”

How Identity Politics is Invading Western Science


Romania’s ‘Brain Drain’

We’ve reported plenty on migrants to Europe from war-torn parts of the Middle East and Africa. But this is a quieter migration within the continent. When the Soviet Union collapsed a bit more than a quarter-century ago, it became possible for millions of people in Eastern Europe to move to the West for work. And so many people left Romania that this member of the European Union has lost about one sixth of its population. NPR’s David Welna has this report from Timisoara, Romania.

A countrywide survey done last year by a German foundation found that more than 40 percent of Romanians would like to emigrate.

Corruption, in fact, is singled out in an International Monetary Fund report as a major factor pushing Eastern Europeans to emigrate.

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The brain drain produces many more losers than winners in developing countries.

Changing face of Britain: The 77 areas where number of foreign-born people has surged as figures show there are now more Romanians living in the UK than Irish.

In the United States at the height of slavery only 1.45% of the free population owned slaves.

Don’t believe lies spread by the media & the establishment, reject white guilt!

History of Dutch Jews Role in Slavery Is Bluntly Depicted

Slave owner compensation was still being paid off by British taxpayers in 2015

“The Origins of the African Slave Trade – Africans sold Africans as slaves”

Jewish Slave Cartels – Peter Cooney Enabler

Jewish control over American Slavery

Jewish control over US slavery II

Jared Taylor: “Irreconcilable Differences: We Need A Divorce”

Jared Taylor speaks about race relations as if they were a marriage. Whites have made every possible effort to make the black/white marriage a success. Mr. Taylor says the problem is assuming blacks and whites are equal in every way, and that any difference in achievement can be explained only by white racism. Thus, there is a never-ending search for the next great white racist because, without racists, how can we explain black shortcomings?

At the same time, blacks such as Chanelle Helm, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Ekow Yankah speak of us in openly spiteful terms, and this is happening while whites are still the majority. If whites become a minority, it will only be worse.

Mr. Taylor suggests whites take non-white criticism literally. If we truly are as awful, evil, and oppressive as they say we are, they should be happy to separate. Our interests align perfectly with the logic of the current bitter critiques by non-whites of our behavior: Separation is the only solution.

American Renaissance

France riots: Protestor’s hand BLOWN OFF by grenade in clashes with police

A PROTESTOR had his hand blown off by a teargas grenade during violent clashes between police and anarchists opposed to their eviction from a squatter camp in Western France that had been planned as a new airport. The site has been illegally occupied for years by opponents of a plan to build a 580-million-euro regional airport, which the Macron government decided to drop in January.

Local prosecutor Jean-François Thony said in a statement: “A 21-year-old man grabbed a teargas grenade that had been thrown at a crowd of protesters by police. But as he lifted his arm to hurl the grenade back at the police officers, it exploded in his hand,”

“His right hand was amputated in light of the severity of his injury and he is currently recovering in hospital.”

Interior Minister Gérard Collomb said the police officers were simply trying to “defend their physical integrity” and “disperse the activists”.

He said: “A group of more than 50 balaclava-clad radicals attacked the police officers with Molotov cocktails and projectiles … under attack, the police responded with hand grenades.”

Anti-capitalists, eco-warriors and squatters, known as Zadists, had initially occupied the site in an effort to prevent the airport from being built, but refused to leave even after the controversial €580m (£509m) project was dropped by President Emmanuel Macron’s government earlier this year.

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During World War II, Polish Neighbors “Betrayed” Many More Jews Than Previously Thought, New Study Finds

According to new research done in Poland, two-thirds of the local Jews who hid in the country from the Nazis lost their lives due to the actions of their non-Jewish neighbors. The figure comes from a two-volume work of 1,600 pages that historians from the Warsaw-based Center for Research on Holocaust of Jews have compiled over the past five years. It covers nine out of Poland’s 13 regions, the Tok FM radio station reported Sunday. Arriving amid a polarizing debate in Poland over a law that limits rhetoric on Polish complicity in the Holocaust, the study suggests Poles bore partial responsibility for hundreds of thousands of deaths of Jews in the Holocaust – a figure that is significantly higher than previous estimates.

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Yulin dog eating festival: 3000 dogs skinned alive, blow-torched then served-up as food

NEXT month at least 3,000 dogs – many stolen family pets – will be butchered, blow-torched to death and thrown in abject terror into cauldrons of boiling water and oil.

They will then be served up as some sort of freak-show culinary delicacy. Welcome to the Yulin dog eating festival, China’s annual celebration of utter human depravity.

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