Lithuanian man, 24, battered 81-year-old Buddhist pensioner to death as she frantically tried to make a 999 call for help before setting her body alight in her £2million woodland home

Photo published for Lithuanian man, 24, admits killing a Buddhist pensioner

Albertina Choules, 81, was found dead outside her isolated home in the rolling Buckinghamshire countryside in July last year after desperately calling the police to report an intruder.

The call handler could hear the chilling voice of a man in the background before the line went dead.

Tautrydas Narbutas, 24, today admitted hitting Mrs Choules over the head with a blunt instrument before dragging her outside and setting her body alight.

The prosecution accepted a guilty plea to manslaughter not murder because he has a ‘psychotic disorder’ that makes him less responsible for his actions.

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Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!
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Polackistan and Eastern Europe:
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Visegrad, dragging the North and West down

In general, public opinion in these countries has supported membership of the EU, which was associated with the security and prosperity of the liberal West. What’s more, Central Europeans benefit economically from the many billions of euros in financial aid and from the right to work in Western Europe with its much higher salaries.

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A Peaceful Protest Turns Violent – Why?

Pesky Truth

The image above shows a large group of torch-bearing protesters marching through the University of Virginia (UVA) campus Friday night. It was a peaceful protest related to the impending removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee and no disorder was observed.

The rally that was scheduled for Saturday had been approved for a protest permit, but for a larger park than the smaller Emancipation Park where the Lee statue stands. It was left to a District Court Judge to rule that the protest could go on.

One news report I read said that there were “hundreds of protestors” who were holding a rally and were confronted by a nearly equal number of counter-protestors. The protestors were protesting the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, Va. I’ve seen the protestors described as alt-Right, neo-Nationalists, white supremacists, and white nationalists by various news sources. Some actual…

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