Last Flight From Berlin 1945 – The Reitsch-Von Greim Escape

An examination of the true events surrounding the last plane to escape from embattled Berlin in April 1945, that carried famous test pilot Hanna Reitsch and the newly-appointed commander of the Luftwaffe, Field Marshal Robert Ritter von Greim.

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Hanna Reitsch (29 March 1912 – 24 August 1979) was a German aviator and test pilot. Along with Melitta von Stauffenberg, she flight tested many of Germany’s new aircraft during World War II and received many honors. Reitsch was among the very last people to meet Adolf Hitler alive in the Führerbunker in late April 1945.

Reitsch set more than 40 flight altitude records and women’s endurance records in gliding and unpowered flight, before and after World War II. In the 1960s, she was sponsored by the West German foreign office as a technical adviser in Ghana and elsewhere, and founded a gliding school in Ghana, where she worked for Kwame Nkrumah.

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Hanna Reitsch

Hitler’s Favourite Pilot: Hanna Reitsch (1912-1979) | An Aviation Icon

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Germany’s Ambassador To Israel Admits ‘Holocaust Denial’ Has Succeeded In Becoming A ‘Social And International Phenomenon’

Caption: Truth Sets You Free — Our Offense: Speech Crime

Thanks to the internet — over which international Jewry has yet to achieve a stranglehold — nagging doubts about the official version of the “Holocaust” have become so common place that, according to two high level Jewish ambassadors, “denial” has become a “social and international phenomenon“.

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C.I.A. Called Key ‘Nazi’ Witness To Murder Of 6 Million Jews ‘Notorious Fabricator’ — His Reports ‘Worthless And Inflated’

Recently, David Fisher — a seasoned Israeli documentary filmmaker — broke ranks and openly questioned the sacred, kabbalistic 6 Million™ Holocaust death count, causing quite a stir among Jewish court “historians,” who predictably circled the wagons and doubled down on this non-negotiable final count.

In order to give this official death count some sort of aura of credibility, these Jewish historians will often cite “Nazi” sources to corroborate their own witnesses, such as Jewish-Soviet propaganda minister, Ilya Ehrenburg, who first issued this 6 Million accusation three years before the war even ended — long before the camps were opened for inspection and “evidence” gathered.

One of these key “Nazi” witnesses is Dr. Wilhelm Höttl (often misspelled “Hoettel”) — whose problematic testimony was taken at face value in this recent article attempting to refute David Fisher’s doubt about the final count.

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Austrian Parliament Votes in Favor of Mandatory Jabs

Hey guys, Austria will get their jab mandate which will be enforced by large fines of up to 3600 Euros.

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Mobile ‘Gas Vans’ Not Invented By ‘Nazis’ But By Communist Jew Isai Berg To Mass Murder Ukrainians During Holodomor

Only known photo of “Nazi” mobile gas van

According to official Holocaust propagandists, the “Nazi” inspiration for the Gas Chambers™ at Auschwitz allegedly evolved from an earlier — and far more inefficient — mode of mass execution which involved cramming prisoners in the back of a truck, redirecting the exhaust pipe into the cargo compartment, and “gassing” the prisoners to death by driving around town for about half an hour.

Unfortunately for the propagandists, they didn’t realize that the diesel engines from these German Sauer BT4500 trucks did not produce enough carbon monoxide gas to kill people — the same problem the Gas Chamber™ propagandists created for themselves when they claimed that the “Nazis” used a diesel submarine engine at Treblinka to allegedly “gas” a million Jews there.

As it turns out with everything concerning the Holocaust, the Jews had merely accused the Germans of what they themselves had been doing — a penchant for deflection and lying that even the British Information Ministry was acutely aware of, according to 1944 declassified documents. The Bolshevik Jews would accuse their enemies of atrocities that they themselves had already committed.

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Germany’s Hitler – by Heinz A. Heinz

One of the most suppressed English-language books ever to emerge from Germany: the 1938 authorized biography of Adolf Hitler.

The professional journalist author interviewed Hitler’s old school friends, army colleagues, landlords, his jailer, and early party comrades to provide an unprecedented insight into the German leader’s background and pre-war policies. Included are vivid and unique descriptions of Hitler at school, his First World War battlefield experiences, early politics, the amazing truth behind the November 9th Putsch, Hitler in prison, and the struggle to power from 1926 to 1933. It ends just after the Austrian Anschluss and the end of the Czech/Sudeten crisis.

This book was the foremost Hitler myth-buster of its day, and is full of personal and political insights. Read, for example, about the handicapped child who was amazed to find the Reichschancellor personally deliver his Christmas present; how Hitler always refused to take his salary and instead ordered the state treasury to divert it to poor relief work, and of the massive social reforms which boosted German living standards to the best in Europe. This work is vital for anyone interested in understanding why Hitler won the total adulation and support of the German people.

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Stalingrad Christmas – The German Rescue Operation

The story of Operation ‘Winter Storm’, the desperate attempt to relief the trapped German Sixth Army at Stalingrad in December 1942.

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Stalingrad Holdouts – German Resistance After the Surrender

Stalingrad: Chances for a Breakout?

Sturmpioniere at Stalingrad – German Assault Engineers

Stalingrad (The Movie)

Letters from Stalingrad – Numbers, Censorship & Effects on the Homefront

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