India MUST Face Off with China’s Military, says Retired Indian Major

As China has been increasing its military presence around the world, India needs to do the same, says retired Indian Army Major Gaurav Arya, who joins us in this episode. If India wants to maintain the integrity of its borders and play a bigger role in international politics, as well as counter China’s growing economic influence in the region, it needs to start playing offense, he argues. Gaurav Arya is a respected strategist and editor-in-chief at India geopolitical think tank Chanakya Forum.

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Trudeau government greenlights Chinese purchase of Canadian lithium company

The Liberal government allowed a Chinese state-owned company to bid on a Canadian lithium mining operation without launching a formal national security review into the purchase

In 2021, Canada categorized lithium as a critical mineral. Lithium is predominantly used to manufacture electric vehicle batteries and is a comparatively rare element. 

Additionally, in cooperation with US regulators, the two governments struck a deal to acquire battery minerals in order to outcompete China, which plays an outsized role in the rare earth mineral market. 

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The Greatest Threat to Taiwan Isn’t Chinese Warships…

Many people think China’s Navy, which has more warships than the US, is the greatest threat to Taiwan if China were to invade. China’s navy would play a role in the event of an attack, but it’s likely not going to be on the front line. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for more on China’s greatest threat to Taiwan, how China’s greatest threat could work with other branches of China’s military, and what advantages China has over a US-Taiwan defense.

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China’s new SECRET WEAPON in the South China Sea

China has been slowly building up its military presence and capabilities in the South China Sea, which has its neighbors and the US and its allies worried about China trying to take control of the South China Sea and regional territories. One of the most concerning things it has there is a new secret weapon that could render much of the United States’ advanced military equipment useless. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for more on this secret weapon, an incident that may prove China has already tested it on US aircraft, and what this could mean for the region.

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Why China’s Man-Made Islands Are Sinking

China’s Man-Made Islands are Sinking, but there’s a lot more to the story than just that…


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Shanghai’s 20-Year Sex Blackmail Ring

A little red mansion in Shanghai turned into a house of horrors after one entrepreneur turned it into a brothel full of sex slaves. How did he keep it running for 20 years? Blackmail, abuse and a lot of broken promises. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for the empire pimp Zhao Fuqiang built on the backs of his victims, how he evaded law enforcement for so long, and how it all came tumbling down.

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