China-India Military Talks FAIL! What It Means

Tensions between China and India have mounted over the last 17 months and things don’t seem to be cooling down. After a military buildup and on their shared border and high-level military talks failed, everyone’s holding their breath to see what will happen next. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for the history of the China-India relationship, the accusations each side is making, and why weapons are banned in their skirmishes but tanks are not.

China Uncensored

China’s Secret Plan to Use Tibet to Invade India

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China Holds Joint Naval Drills with Russia, Iran in Indian Ocean

India US Sign Military Pact Against China

Shots Fired on India-China Border

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India Threatened by Chinese Missiles?

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Why India Need Nuclear Attack Submarine & why US and UK wont Give It to India?

‘A terrible, terrible thing:’ NASA said India’s satellite destruction created so much space junk it now threatens the safety of the International Space Station

INDIA is set to land on the Moon AND Mars – so why do we pay them £100 MILLION in aid?

Doctors warn desperate Indians against using cow shit as Corona cure!


Coal crisis reveals how energy supply has become a major problem for China

Access to energy has become one of China’s major foreign policyconsiderations and recent events show why – it simply doesn’t have
sufficient resources of its own to power what has become the world’s
largest industrial hub.The headlines have been stark in recent days: regions of China have been suffering from power shortages, with local governments being forced to ration electricity due to a lack of coal and increased demand pushing prices up.

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China’s Rise: From Humiliated Colony to Global Power – Muunyayo

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China Threatens “Cataclysmic Upheaval” In Relations After Former Aussie PM Gives Fiery Speech In Taiwan

China Threatens “Cataclysmic Upheaval” In Relations After Former Aussie PM Gives Fiery Speech In Taiwan. Australia’s former prime minister Tony Abbott visited Taipei on Friday where he gave a speech urging the international community to show “solidarity” with the self-ruled island, resulting in a quick reaction out of China demanding that Canberra officails stay out of its internal affairs. 

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Chinese Air Forces: Flaming Dragon or a baby Tiger?

This video goes in depth on the current state of the Chinese air force and Chinese naval aviation. It analyzes the hardware, training and overall role and capabilities of the two.

Binkov’s Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds – a guide to warfare

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“LET’S MEET IN THE SKY!”: China Challenges US Air Superiority

China just showed off its future weapons at its biggest arms expo/ airshow

How does the upcoming Chinese supercarrier compare?

Newsflash: Chinese bomber just flew with the biggest anti ship missile in the world

China just increased its defense budget. When might it overtake the US defense spending?

China vs USA: Trade war

Top 10 most numerous fighter jets in service today (mid 2020)

“LET’S MEET IN THE SKY!”: China Challenges US Air Superiority

A general in China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has challenged the US to “meet in the sky” to see whose air force is superior. That was in response to something the US Air Force secretary said about the next generation of a military technology he wants the US to invest in. China is investing in technology that appears to be geared toward invading a certain island nation near its border. It’s also in the market for “patriotic” scientists who will toe the party line. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for that and more of this week’s China news headlines.

China Uncensored

5 Ways China Is DESTROYING the Planet

Whether you think climate change, pollution or the depletion of natural resources is what’s going to end life on Earth, the Chinese Communist Party is making all three worse. Not only has it made its own country a toxic place to live, but is exporting its environmental destruction around the globe. Ever wondered why there was so much smog in Los Angeles? Well, it’s not just all the vapers and cars that are fouling up the air. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for more on how China is destroying the planet.

China Uncensored

20 Signs China’s Pollution Has Reached Apocalyptic Levels

China’s Global Fishing Wrecks Economies and the Ocean

South China Sea

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After USNavy, USAirForce trolls Chinese Military!

A think tank with close links to the People’s Republic of China claimed that the U.S. Air Force has been trolling the People’s Liberation Army.

This assertion has been made by the South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative (SCSPI)—a research policy organization affiliated with Peking University.

As per the think tank which identified an RC-135S Cobra Ball aircraft, its route, and a particular call sign, stated that the U.S. Air Force “is probably calling PLA names.”

This is an interesting assertion. Viewers may note that the think tank supports China’s claims in the South China Sea

In this video Defense Updates analyzes how US Air Force has trolled the Chinese military as it flew near the country’s airspace?

Defense Updates

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