Mass Protest CRACKDOWN After Bank Run in China + NATO is moving east, Joe & Hunter Biden corruption and more.

Protests erupted after people couldn’t get their money out of their bank accounts in China. The CCP found a way to prevent some would-be protesters from joining the protest and dealt with the others who did manage to show up. NATO could move to the Pacific to counter China’s growing threat. And Xi Jinping makes his first trip in years (spoiler: he doesn’t go very far). Watch this episode of China Uncensored for that and more of this week’s China News headlines.

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G7 summit: Leaders detail $600bn plan to rival China’s Belt and Road initiative

WATCH F-35 Crash in South China Sea, Beijing Olympics, Serbia, Russia, Hunter Biden and more

Hunter Biden’s China Bank Records Subpoenaed + Beijing Olympics, Amazon, China’s Debt and More

Hunter Biden telling prostitute that Russian drug dealers stole ANOTHER of his laptops

Video Emerges Of Hunter Biden Whining To Dead Brother’s Widow Over Rehab While Smoking Crack

The more odoriferous the Biden family corruption story gets, the less the mainstream media reports it

New Pictures of Hunter Biden with Kids have been dropped on Interwebs

Biden Flat-Out Lied

Joe Biden Drops To His Knees During Meeting With Israel’s President To Show His Respect

In Joe Biden’s America, Whites Are the Enemy

Overwhelming Majority of Americans Think Biden Encourages Illegal Immigration

After Jewish Immigration Groups Complain, Biden Backtracks And Quadruples Migrant Asylum Quotas

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Joe Biden LAUGHS During Tense Ukraine Briefing

Joe Biden’s Department of Education promotes sexual abuse of children

Joe Biden is leaving the Taliban terrorists with tens of billions in US assets and arms.

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Sexual Assault Criminal Complaint Filed Against Rapey Joe Biden

Here are all the times Joe Biden has been accused of acting inappropriately toward women and girls

The Truth About Joe Biden

Former Secret Service Agent Claims Joe Biden Would Regularly Grope Female Agents and Guests.

Joe Biden Kissing Little Boy on the Lips

Joe Biden Forgets Barack Obama’s Name

G7 summit: Leaders detail $600bn plan to rival China’s Belt and Road initiative

G7 leaders have detailed plans to mobilise $600bn in funding for the developing world in a move seen as a counter to China’s Belt and Road plan.

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The Group of Seven (G7) is an inter-governmental political forum consisting of CanadaFranceGermanyItalyJapan, the United Kingdom and the United States. In addition, the European Union is a ‘non-enumerated member’. Its members are the world’s largest IMF advanced economies and wealthiest liberal democracies; the group is officially organized around shared values of pluralism and representative government. As of 2020, the collective group accounts for over 50 percent of global net wealth (which is $418 trillion), 32 to 46 percent of global gross domestic product, and approximately 770 million people or 10 percent of the world’s population. Members are great powers in global affairs and maintain mutually close political, economic, social, legal, environmental, military, religious, cultural, and diplomatic relations. From 2022, Germany has taken over the rotating presidency of the G7, following the presidency of the United Kingdom.

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China Is Building a Secret Naval Base in Cambodia

China and Cambodia have been denying for years that China was setting up shop at Cambodia’s Ream Naval base. They’re not denying it any longer though. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for more on what China is saying about the deal, how China’s presence there has affected the US relationship with Cambodia, and what greater geopolitical implications this could have.

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Taiwan Is NOT a Part of China

The US policy of strategic ambiguity on the Taiwan issue is becoming even more ambiguous. The US may have just radically altered its policy on Taiwan, or it may just have altered the State Department’s webpage on Taiwan. In this episode of China Uncensored, we look at what the US policy on Taiwan has been, how the US-Taiwan relationship has been changing over the past 6 years, and why strategic ambiguity may not be so strategic for the US anymore.

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Tocharians Update: New genetic study on the Tarim Basin (Tocharia/Uyghuristan/East Turkestan, Western China) confirms ancient European presence in the region

Ancient Caucasoids (or ‘West Eurasians’) are the earliest recorded inhabitants of the Tarim Basin in northwestern China. Their burials are incredibly well-preserved due to environmental mummification caused by the region’s harsh climate. The earliest mummies are dated to around 4000 years ago and the latest to around 2000 years ago.

Vermont Folk Troth

The Great Pyramid of China

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