Several killed in Copenhagen shooting: police “can’t rule out terror motive”

Danish police have arrested a 22-year-old man in connection with a shooting at a Copenhagen shopping centre.


Copenhagen shooting: Danish police cannot rule out terror in mall attack.


The attack follows a deadly shooting in neighbouring Norway last week, in which two people were killed by a lone shooter in the capital Oslo.

The terrorist threat against Denmark is currently assessed to be “serious”, with the biggest threat coming from “militant Islamism”, according to the latest report from the Danish Security and Intelligence Service.


Field’s seen from the south (next to the tall Ferring Building).

Field’s is the second-largest shopping centre in Denmark after Waves and one of the largest in Scandinavia. However, with approximately DKK 2.75 billion in turnover, Steen & Strøm’s Field’s in Ørestad, Copenhagen, has the highest turnover of the Danish malls.

Field’s is located in ØrestadCopenhagen, close to the E20 motorway and Ørestad station on the Copenhagen Metro. It takes 10 minutes from Ørestad station to the city centre (Kongens Nytorv Station). Alternatively, it takes seven minutes by regional trains on a direct railway link to Copenhagen Central Station.


Three years in prison and deportation to Romanian in burglary network

File:Flag of Romania.svg

A 33-year-old Romanian citizen was sentenced to three years in prison for extensive trafficking in loot. In addition, he was expelled for good.

In a case involving thieves from approximately 150 thefts or burglaries, the accused mastermind, who systematically and organized the loot, was today sentenced in the Copenhagen City Court to three years in prison.

The man, who has lived in Denmark for 10 years, is a 33-year-old Romanian citizen who was charged with a total of 174 counts of heeling and attempted heeling of a particularly serious nature. In addition to the prison sentence, he was also deported for good.

“Danish Police”

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Organized Romanian Procuring Network Sentenced to Prison

Romanian brothers convicted and deported in weapon and drug case

Romanian Man Suspected of Hospital Thefts Jailed

A 33-year-old Romanian man is now being prosecuted in a comprehensive case of organized trade in theft from burglary committed in Denmark.

Romanian man sentenced to prison for theft and data fraud. It has particularly affected women between the ages of 75 and 85.

Romanian man charged with 60 times stealing debit cards and abusing them

A 51-year-old Romanian national was sentenced in Copenhagen City Court to one and a half years in prison and banned from entering for 12 years. The man was found guilty in a case of multiple trick thefts and subsequent data fraud.

Romanian lorry driver had to pay large fine

Four Romanian men arrested in action against organised crime

Three Romanian men arrested after string of trick thefts

Two Romanian men have each been sentenced to 10 months in prison and deportation with a six-year ban for possession of stolen professional tools

Romanian man charged with home robbery extradited to Denmark

Four Romanians convicted of covid document forgery in connection with entry

Three Romanian men jailed for multiple trick thefts

Two Romanian men remanded in custody in case of large-scale theft of professional tools

Two Romanian men sentenced to prison and deportation for extensive racketeering of tools.

Six Romanian and one Danish nationals have been arrested and charged in a case involving extensive racketeering of, among other things, stolen construction machinery, white goods and a larger amount of power tools

Romania has requested that one of its nationals be arrested and extradited for prosecution.

Two Romanians jailed and deported for shoplifting in Jutland

Two Romanians are being held on trial for large-scale theft of tools

Two Romanian nationals Convicted and Expelled for Abusing Elderly People’s Credit Card.

Three Romanian nationals remanded in custody for blasting an ATM

Romanians convicted of burglary in several villages

Three Romanian men arrested after thefts at Mors

Romanians sentenced to prison and deported after computer thefts

49-year-old Romanian sentenced to prison and deportation for trick theft, data fraud and theft.

Two Romanian men broke into a construction market in Hune and stole expensive tools. A few days later, arrested in around Skive, suspected of burglary.

Four Romanian criminals sentenced a total of 10 years in prison for 17 burglaries

Romanian extradited and convicted of trick theft

Drunk Romanian sentenced to imprisonment and expulsion for negligent manslaughter

44-year-old male from Romania sentenced to four months of unconditional imprisonment and expelled from Denmark.

Four Romanians arrested for burglaries committed throughout West Denmark

Romanian sentenced to imprisonment and expulsion for attempted intrusion

Three Romanian citizens, in custody, charged with the theft.

Travelling bands of criminal foreigners a major headache for Denmark!

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

49-year-old Lithuanian woman sentenced to 8 years in prison for attempted money laundering of 29 billion kroner

File:Flag of Lithuania.svg

The woman has in a domestic interrogation admitted attempted money laundering of just over 29 billion kroner, and she received Thursday Copenhagen City Court’s judgment on the spot.

The financial crime has taken place by the fact that she, together with two other defendants through 40 different Danish limited partnerships, has made it possible to receive and transfer money that was directly or indirectly the proceeds of crime.

Almost four billion euros – or approximately 29.5 billion Danish kroner – were channelled through the series of companies that all had accounts at Danske Bank’s branch in Estonia in a period from December 2008 to March 2016.

“This is the largest amount we have seen in a case of money laundering brought before the court in Denmark. The woman has had a role in a large money laundering complex that was built up around 40 Danish limited partnerships. Among other things, she has managed them and has ensured that the companies were equipped with formal management and could submit accounts so that the companies could be registered in Denmark.

She has thus made it possible for the companies to move money around to obscure their illegal origins. This is particularly serious money laundering, both because of the historically high amount and the professional organisation behind it,” says Lisette Jørgensen, Special Prosecutor, National Unit for Special Crime (NSK).

The other two defendants in the case have also been affiliated with the companies. One is a 49-year-old woman who is a former Russian citizen. She was extradited from England on December 22, 2021 and has been in custody since. The other is a 56-year-old Lithuanian man living in Denmark.

The 49-year-old Lithuanian woman is in a previous case sentenced to three years and 11 months in prison for money laundering of at least 140 million kroner. The punishment in the case today was therefore meted out as an additional penalty, so that the woman was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

“Danish Police”

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About Lithuania (our Mexico)!

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Lithuanian Thief stopped in control on his way out of the country

Three persons (at least one from Lithuania) convicted total of seven years and eight months in prison in cases of violence, attempted witness intimidation and illegal weapons possession

Two men from Lithuania are serving a prison sentence of two years and three months for a series of burglaries in machinery halls, where GPS equipment for agricultural machinery was stolen for hundreds of thousands of kroner.

Lithuanian man sentenced to one and a half years in prison and deportation for 12 years in case of theft of valuable construction machinery

Immediate sentence to extradited Lithuanian for burglary at bike shop

Lithuanian man extradited from Germany and remanded in custody in million-kroner theft case

Two Lithuanian men remanded in custody in case of theft of valuable work machines

Lithuanian man remanded in custody in valuable equipment theft case

Two Lithuanian men, aged 33 and 34, were sentenced to six months’ unconditional imprisonment

47-year-old Lithuanian woman found guilty of attempted money laundering of 140 million Kroner from Eastern Europe and Russia

Two Lithuanian men sentenced to prison and deportation for burglary in Western Jutland

Lithuanian man sentenced to prison and deportation for theft of valuable bicycles in Varde

Lithuanian man sentenced to prison and deportation for heeling valuable bikes

46-year-old Lithuanian sentenced at Randers Court to two years’ unconditional imprisonment for attacking 24-year-old with multiple stab wounds

Two Lithuanians are in court for major bike theft

32-year-old Lithuanian sentenced to prison and deportation for elaborate burglary

Jail and deportation for life in case of stolen bicycles and violation of entry ban (Lithuania)

57-year-old Lithuanian man sentenced to prison and deportation for 12 years for smuggling hashish

Lithuanian man extradited and remanded in custody in case of large-scale theft of bicycles.

Lithuanian sentence to three months in prison and deportation from Denmark for committing two burglaries and violating an entry ban

29-year-old Lithuanian man charged with multiple counts of burglary and extensive case of data fraud.

57-year-old Lithuanian man remanded in custody in case of smuggling 30 kilos of hashish.

Lithuanian burglar was sentenced to unconditional imprisonment for a year and two months, the 39-year-old Lithuanian was already prohibited from staying in Denmark.

21-year-old Lithuanian charged with cocaine smuggling

Two Lithuanian men arrested and charged with extensive thefts from cars

Lithuanians convicted of organised break-in of bicycle shops / 38-year-old Lithuanian man sentenced to imprisonment and expulsion for the theft of designer bikes.

Lithuanian man sentenced to prison for stealing truck with food

Two Lithuanian men were convicted of theft.

Lithuanian in a big case of cigarette smuggling

Lithuanian, Bulgarian and Polish criminals stopped at the border

Travelling bands of criminal foreigners a major headache for Denmark!

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

Four Syrian men arrested in organised crime money laundering case

File:Flag of Syria.svg

The four men were arrested on Tuesday, June 14, from 5 to 7 p.m. One was arrested in Copenhagen, where he was found in possession of about three million kroner, which, according to the police’s suspicion, he was to transport to Sweden.

Two others were subsequently arrested in the metropolitan area. Swedish police also carried out a search at an address in Malmö, where a considerable amount of millions was found. Here the fourth man was arrested.

The men arrested range in age from 28 to 49 and belong to the same network, which specialises in transport, smuggling and money laundering, according to the police. These are two Syrian citizens, as well as two Swedish citizens with a Syrian background.

The arrests follow an investigation in which there has been close cooperation with the Swedish police and the Swedish authorities.

The four arrested are charged with in the period from January 2022 to the time of arrest to have organized the handling of not less than 80 million dollars.

“Danish Police”

30-year-old Syrian man sentenced to prison and deportation for rape

Three Syrian nationals, aged 17, 18 and 19, sentenced to prison and deportation from Denmark for rape

Two Syrian men sentenced to prison and deportation for people smuggling

Two Syrian men convicted of people smuggling at border

23-year-old woman sentenced to five years in prison for terrorist promotion and for entering Syria to join Islamic State

Thrown out of the country: Syrian men committed robbery at East Jutland brothels and raped prostitutes

Syrian sentenced to nine months in prison and deportation for aggravated violence and the sale of hashish

A total of 12 years in prison and deportation (back to Syria) for life for drug smuggling

Two Syrian sentenced to imprisonment and unconditional expulsion of Denmark for arson.

Polish truck driver expelled from Denmark

“When the employees from Tungvognscenter Syd checked the truck and the driver’s papers, it quickly turned out that the Polish driver was driving with a different driver license than his own,” says Special Prosecutor Pernille Moesborg. “A closer investigation showed that he did not have the right to drive at all, as he was disqualified from driving in his home country. This led to a 40 indictment for driving on someone else’s driver’s licence and driving without having acquired the right to drive between 10 May and 8 June 2020.”

The court sentenced according to the indictment and sentenced the Polish driver to 60 days of suspended imprisonment, a total fine of DKK 89,000 and an unconditional disqualification of the right to drive the heavy vehicles in Denmark for 6 months from the final judgment. In addition, the 44-year-old driver was sentenced to deportation from Denmark with an entry ban for 6 years.

“Danish Police”

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39-year-old Pole convicted of assault-rape and expelled from Denmark

15 million cigarettes seized from Polish truck

Polish haulier must leave his truck in Denmark

Four Poles convicted of organised theft from recycled clothing containers belonging to various charities.

Polish motorist convicted of insane driving

A 38-year-old Polish woman suspected of involvement in a series of trick thefts against elderly Polish citizens in Denmark has been arrested and remanded in custody for four weeks

Polish citizen jailed for theft of four tonnes of charity clothes

Judgment in large-scale case concerning illegal imports and trade in puppies from Poland

Two Poles were immediately convicted of large-scale shoplifting

Revealed: ‘Cat and mouse’ game played by foreign criminals and failed asylum seekers in UK courts as they try to avoid deportation costs taxpayer £200million a year (Albania, Kosovo and Poland)

Two Polish citizens were arrested and charged for systematically stealing from charities

Polish man seriously injured in arrest

Three Polish burglars sentenced to prison for a wide range of criminal offences

Three men indicted in Kolding Court for illegally importing and selling over 100 puppies from Poland

Illegal cigarette factory unveiled in Denmark

Polack sentenced to four months in prison for COVID document forgery

38-year-old Polish man arrested and charged with theft and racketeering of expensive bikes

43-year-old man tried to smuggle 70,000 Polish cigarettes into Denmark

Two Polish men sentenced to prison and deportation for stealing 32 bicycles

Two convicted and deported (to Poland and Morocco) for document forgery at border

53-year-old man sentenced to one year and three months imprisonment and an additional fine of 1,450,000 kroner for storing almost 2.5 million illegal cigarettes from Poland (our Mexico)

45-year-old Polish male sentenced to prison and deportation

Two Polish nationals remanded in custody in case of stolen bikes

45-year-old Polack extradited and remanded in custody in major theft case

40-year-old Polish woman arrested for smuggling 20 kilos of hashish

Two men and one woman from Funen were convicted in a case of illegal import and sale of at least 55 puppies from Poland.

Six men convicted in giant cigarette smuggling case from Eastern Europe

Polish truck driver hides magnet in underpants

46-year-old sentenced to imprisonment and million fine in large smuggling case (from Poland).

The Copenhagen police want to warn Polish invaders against Polish trick thieves who pretend to be from the police.

The immediate ruling led to 12 years of imprisonment and expulsion from Denmark

Polish truck driver convicted and expelled less than 24 hours after arrest

Six Polish men indicted for 1.3 million kroner of theft of Lego

Judgment in unusual case of amphetamine production on Funen

Lithuanian, Bulgarian and Polish criminals stopped at the border

Travelling bands of criminal foreigners a major headache for Denmark!

Poland is the country where most immigrants come from in UK, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and number two in Germany.

Five Polish killers urinated on their victim as one attacker put his foot on the beaten man’s broken chest to pose for ‘trophy’ picture after luring him to his death.

Four men who punched and stamped on Polish girl, 17, saying she ‘deserved to be killed’ for dating an Englishman, beat her boyfriend and stabbed his father in the leg outside their own home are jailed for 10 years.

Polish thieves convicted for stealing ashes of baby twins during London burglary spree.

Polish national Masierak, 31, of Evesham, Worcestershire, was found guilty earlier this month of eight counts of causing death by dangerous driving and four counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

Murder suspect is arrested in his native Poland (our Mexico)

Polackistan career criminal Robert Chodyra punched and raped his terrified victim during a three-hour ordeal of ‘cruel, sadistic, prolonged, repeated torture’.

Homeless Poles and Latvian take Home Office to High Court to fight government decision to deport Europeans they find sleeping rough in UK.

Influx of Eastern European killers and conmen is putting a financial burden on UK courts.

Racist Polish sisters who savagely attacked Britons SPARED JAIL.

Oxfordshire fishery bans Polish and Eastern European fisherman.

North Korean forced labourers had contracted to build Danish inspection ship in Poland.

Pole plunders Sacred Burial mounds

Keep your eyes peeled for petty crime while “enjoying” the sights of Polackistan.

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

Police seek witnesses in sexual assault case after NorthSide Festival

Police would like to hear from people who may have seen the perpetrator before, during or after the assault. He is described as:

25-30 years old
Approx. 170-172 cm tall
Chubby/heavy of building
A little dark in the skin
Dark/black hair that was cut close to the head at the sides and somewhat longer on top
Was wearing a dark, thin sports jacket with high neck and zipper at the front
Information in the case can be given to the East Jutland Police on phone 114.

“Danish Police”

NorthSide Festival, or simply NorthSide, is a three-day music festival held every year in June in AarhusDenmark. It has three stages with rotating artists and several sideshow events and happenings. The first festival commenced in 2010 and since 2011, the festival has been held at Ådalen in Åbyhøj.

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Hans Ø Resolution


On June 11, 2022, the Danish, Greenlandic, Canadian, and Nunavut governments agreed to split Hans Island in half after 17 years of negotiations. On June 14, 2022, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly and Danish foreign affairs minister Jeppe Kofod signed an agreement to divide the island. The treaty will take effect after the parliaments of CanadaDenmarkGreenland and Nunavut have each voted to approve it. By this, Canada and the Danish Realm (through Greenland) will have an international land border of 1,280 m (1,400 yards), which follows a rift in the surface of the island that runs from north to south near the centre of the island. On ratification, the island will contain one of the top four shortest land borders between countries, and would create a second land neighbour for Canada and the Danish Realm, each of which only had one, with the United States and Germany respectively.


Related image

Hans Ø the most western part of Denmark

European and North American Country

Greenland belongs to Denmark and the Danish people!


Station Nord

The North Pole Belongs to Denmark!

The Danish Realm