Out of Chaos Comes Order: National Bolshevism

Although members of the “Nazi” party under Hitler did not take part in Niekisch’s National Bolshevik project, characterizing Bolshevism as a “Jewish conspiracy,” in the early 1930s there was a parallel tendency within the party which advocated similar views. Also known as Strasserism, for its leader, Gregor Strasser, the “Nazi” left-wing was the strand of “Nazism” that called for a worker-based and anti-capitalist form of “Nazism”. They included Aufbau member Karl Haushofer, who eventually came under suspicion because of his contacts with left-wing socialist figures within the “Nazi” movement, and his advocacy of essentially a German–Russian alliance. The Strasser brothers’ movement advocated neither capitalism nor Marxism, but instead a society organized “without masters,” in a natural hierarchy based on merit and an organic integration of syndicates and corporations bringing the nations of Europe into a new United States of Europe. However, their movement was crushed during the Night of the Long Knives.


Anything involving the word (((Bolshevik))) sounds like a bad idea. But interesting to see what could have been.

Who Started the Bombing of Cities and Targeting of Civilians in World War II?

Cologne bombed out

It is widely believed to this day that the Germans instigated the aerial bombing campaign against European and British cities, and thus “got what they deserved” in kind. Often cited are the German bombings of  Warsaw and Rotterdam. These two instances of bombings are not in dispute, however, the context must be considered. The details are seldom discussed, and hence, little known. The rules of warfare must also be considered. The deliberate targeting of civilians was indeed a “war crime”. The Hague conventions tolerated the bombing of cities IF they were under military occupation (ie “defended”), which was the case with both Warsaw or Rotterdam.

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Conscription (sometimes called the draft in the United States) is the mandatory enlistment of people in a national service, most often a military service. Conscription dates back to antiquity and it continues in some countries to the present day under various names. The modern system of near-universal national conscription for young men dates to the French Revolution in the 1790s, where it became the basis of a very large and powerful military. Most European nations later copied the system in peacetime, so that men at a certain age would serve 1–8 years on active duty and then transfer to the reserve force.

In medieval Scandinavia the leiðangr (Old Norse), leidang (Norwegian), leding, (Danish), ledung (Swedish), lichting (Dutch), expeditio (Latin) or sometimes leþing (Old English), was a levy of free farmers conscripted into coastal fleets for seasonal excursions and in defence of the realm.

The bulk of the Anglo-Saxon English army, called the fyrd, was composed of part-time English soldiers drawn from the freemen of each county. In the 690s laws of Ine of Wessex, three levels of fines are imposed on different social classes for neglecting military service.

In the decades prior to World War I universal conscription along broadly Prussian lines became the norm for European armies, and those modeled on them. By 1914 the only substantial armies still completely dependent on voluntary enlistment were those of Britain and the United States. Some colonial powers such as France reserved their conscript armies for home service while maintaining professional units for overseas duties.

Conscription (North-West Europeans):

Australia (Conscription)No (abolished by parliament in 1972)N/A
AustriaYes (alternative service available)
BelgiumNo (abolished as of 1 January 1994 under the so-called Delcroix Bill of 6 July 1993)
CanadaNo (occurred during 1917-1918 and 1944-1945)
Denmark (Conscription)Yes by law, however a great majority of the recruits have been volunteers over the past few years. According to Jyllands Posten, conscription has ended in practice. (alternative service available)Male
FinlandYes (alternative service available)
GermanyNo (suspended for peacetime by federal legislature effective from 1 July 2011)
No. Suspended since 1997 (except for Curaçao and Aruba
New ZealandNo (abolished in December 1972)
NorwayYes by law, but in practice people are not forced to serve against their will. Also total objectors have not been punished since 2011, instead they are simply exempted from the service.
South AfricaNo (ended in 1994, formalized in 2002)
SwedenYes (alternative service available)Male and female
SwitzerlandYes (alternative service available)Male
United Kingdom (Conscription)No (abolished December 31, 1960, except Bermuda Regiment)
United States (Conscription)No (abandoned in 1973), but registration is still required among men for various government benefits.


A 100-year-old former concentration camp guard became the oldest person yet to be tried for alleged war crimes in Germany as he went before the court charged with complicity in mass murder.

“He is not accused of having shot anyone in particular, but of having contributed to these acts through his work as a guard and of having been aware such killings were happening at the camp,” a court spokeswoman said.

The case comes a week after a 96-year-old German woman, who was a secretary in a working camp, dramatically fled before the start of her trial, but was caught several hours later.

She, too, has been charged with complicity in murder. Her trial resumes on October 19.

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What if the US stayed neutral in World War 2?

In this alternate history scenario the US is adamant at staying neutral in World war two, and doesn’t want to have anything to do with any warring side.

Binkov’s Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds – a guide to warfare

Did the Soviets win WW2 due to US Support?

Why determining the Impact of Lend-Lease is so complicated

Germany Army: Quality or Quantity? – In 1943-44 Germany spend just 6 % of its resources on tanks dealing with Soviet Union and more than 40 % of its resources on airplanes mostly dealing with USA and UK.

1941 NS Germany vs Soviets ALONE: Who would have won?

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Germany: Catholic Bishops Vote To Recognize Homosexual Marriages

High-ranking Catholic clergy voted 168 to 28 during a gathering in Frankfurt, Germany to adopt a resolution recognizing homosexual marriage.

This statement is a direct act of insubordination seeking to challenge a Vatican decree signed by Pope Francis that explicitly forbids priests from blessing such pairings as a violation of scriptural tradition. 

The German Catholic Church is powerful, corrupt and decadent. A report from 2015 found that the archdiocese of Cologne alone controls almost $4 billion dollars in wealth, making it richer than the Vatican itself. The German Catholic clergy has been prone to scandals, including a bishop who bought a 31 million Euro mansion for himself.

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The Manhattan U-Boat – German Submarine New York City

In January 1942, a single German U-boat successfully got close enough to New York City to take film of Manhattan skyscrapers. This is the story of U-123’s daring mission as part of Operation Drumbeat along the east coast of the United States.

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The Second Happy Time – German U-boats Rampage Only Miles off the US Coast

German Submarines Brought the Fight to Florida during WWII

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Flashback 1978: German-Americans Pressure NBC To Pull Holocaust Miniseries As ‘Audacious’ Anti-German, Anti-Gentile, Anti-Christian ‘Propaganda’

The March edition of the newspaper “Voice of German Americans” bears the headline, “NBC Plans to Broadcast 8 Hour ‘Holocaust Drama’ Opposition Mobilizes.” According to the lead article, “Despite numerous protests, NBC has refused to cancel its proposed broadcast of a controversial 8-hour monstrosity entitled ‘Holocaust.’ Instead, they plan to air it over a four-day period beginning Sunday, April 16th and ending, sentimentally enough, on Wednesday, April 19th, three days before the onset of Passover.”

Claiming that the program is a “grandiose attempt to perpetrate anti-German bias,” the article states that “Especially since the recent widespread distribution of Professor Arthur R. Butz’s conclusive refutation of the ‘Holocaust’ Myth, many Americans are disturbed that a major network would have the audacity to embark on a propaganda campaign based on anti-German and anti-Gentile lies and distortions.”

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