Massacra – The Best French Band Ever!

The french don’t have much to brag about, but Massacra was an awesome band.

One of the best.

Gods Of Hate – Tribute to Massacra 30th anniversary [official live]

Official full set Fall Of Summer 2016

1 – Intro

2 – Ultimate Antechrist

3 – Gods Of Hate

4 – Nearer To Death

5 – Mortify Their flesh

6 – Revealing Cruelty

7 – Twisted Minds

8 – Evidence Of Abomination

9 – Apocalyptic Warrior (Intro)

10 – Outro (Piece Of Real)

Condate Legacy & DBP

Josef Mengele Trained Dog To Attack Jewish Pianist If She Made Any Mistakes Playing Shubert’s ‘Serenade’

Mengele’s incredible skill as a dog trainer has never been mentioned outside of this “survivor’s” testimony — which is remarkable considering he somehow trained this dog to learn Shubert’s “Serenade” note-for note — and all the more remarkable considering how hard it is for even advanced classical music students to learn.

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Josef Mengele: The greatest dog trainer ever!

Dr. Josef Mengele (Angel of Death) of Auschwitz.. Another Holocaust lie.

In a bizarre revenge, the remains of Dr. Josef Mengele will be picked apart in “scientific experiments”.

Mossad Realised Secret Files about How Doctor Mengele Successfully Evades their Revenge.


A letter from Mr. Bond

Hello Friends,

If you’re reading this, you are probably aware of my arrest in January 2021 and my trial in March 2022, and the insane verdict I received.
Because I’ve been incarcerated ever since, I haven’t been able to directly communicate with anyone, except for a few people who dared to write me with a return address.

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Mr. Bond sentenced 10 years in prison for making funny parody songs

Remember Mr. Bond

News: Mr. Bond arrested in Austria (February 4. 2021)

Mr. Bond’s music

Mr. Bond Archive

Mr. Bond – Youth Of The Nation

Hall of Fame

NBA Vevo

I heard this song on the (car) radio. The song’s message seem to be more or less our message. Don’t get me wrong, the musicians are properly 100% anti-White faggots and all that.

I have heard a lot of RAC (Rock Against Communism), which is great. But they usually don’t have a positive and uplifting lyrics.

We should make more of that, and blah blah blah …