We Live in a Totalitarian Society | Interview with Frodi Midjord

Chatting to Frodi Midjord about culture, activism and how political oppression operates in the West.

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Foreign Volunteers for the Waffen-SS were Highly Intelligent and Ambitious

Swiss, Swedish and Danish men who volunteered for the Waffen-SS were highly intelligent and ambitious individuals, another study says.

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Denmark in WWII

Political drama in occupied Denmark

Free Corps Denmark

Free Corps Denmark – Witness To Soviet War Crimes

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Panzer Unit Still Serving After German Defeat – Denmark 1945

The British invasion of Denmark and the ‘Stab in the Back’.


Madsen: Danish Weapons Manufacturer

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B&W 1942

Aarhus was strategically important for Germany doing WWII



Denmark–Germany relations


Danish-German sports cooperation, 1940-1945

WWII – Where did the Germans live?


Holmen 1943

The Soviet Occupation of Bornholm

Rønne Harbour After the Russians Attacked 1945

Danish shipyards worked for the Danish Navy and the German Navy during the occupation 1940-45.

Christian Peder Kryssing was the highest ranked foreigner in Waffen-SS as a SS-Brigadeführer.


Documentary Sheds Light Upon Unrepentant Danish “Nazi Rock Star”

How Hitler decided to launch the largest bike theft in Denmark’s history



Operation Weserübung

Norway Divided by Plans of War Memorial Over Germanic SS Soldiers

Germanske SS Norge

21 Apr 1940- Norway

Norway apologises to its World War Two ‘German girls’



The Swedish volunteers in the Waffen SS

The history of Swedish iron and steel industry

The Swedish King Tiger

Swedes Who fought in Waffen-SS During WWII still receive “Hitler Pensions”



Nederlandsche SS

23rd SS Volunteer Panzer Grenadier Division Nederland

34th SS Volunteer Grenadier Division Landstorm Nederland

34 Dutch Getting Pensions for Service with Waffen-SS (2019)


Denmark, Norway, Holland & Flanders

Battle of Narva 1944 – Tannenberg line defence and battle of the Blue hills

The Waffen-SS and the struggle for Pomerania, 1945 (Part I): The liberation of Arnswalde — “Neues Europa”.

Swiss, Swedish and Danish men who volunteered for the Waffen-SS were highly intelligent and ambitious individuals.


Germaansche SS in Vlaanderen



Belgian Waffen-SS Volunteers Still Receive Pensions for Loyalty to Adolf Hitler (2019)

Leon Degrelle’s Escape to Spain 1945



The British Free Corps



American SS

Sweden: Total Demographic Disaster

All people are equal and completely interchangeable, with the obvious exception of your Jewish rulers, who were chosen by g*d (you weren’t, sorry).

With this amazing truth in mind, it makes perfect sense to flood your ancient homeland with the worst available genetic aliens. We’ll just miracle them into good little consumers and hedonists, don’t even worry about it. These 80-IQ Brown rapists and breeders are going to save your pension and help you win the vital “people race.” Any objection to the kosher planned demolition of your country is clearly “racist” and possibly even “xenophobic.” Besides, everything is fine. It’s not like you’re rushing toward a tipping point which will signal the end of your nation as a meaningful entity or anything.

A total of 1,960,000 foreign-born people now reside in Sweden according to Statistics Sweden who notes that the number of foreign-born residents has nearly doubled between 2000 and 2019, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

Read more here from The Daily Archives

Sweden: Crime, Record High as 3rd World Population Tops 20%

Immigrants Commit 84 Percent Of All Rape In Sweden

Sweden Forced to Raise Retirement Age To Pay For Mass Immigration Policy

43% of All Rapes in Sweden Are on Native Children

Leaked Report Shows 50% Rise in No-Go Zones in Sweden

Sweden: One in Four Women are Afraid to Leave Their Homes

Nearly 1/5 of Sweden’s Population is Now Foreign-Born

Russia tries to intimidate Denmark with new warship

It looks like Russia will not accept, that the North Pole belongs to Denmark.

Project 23550 patrol ships is a class of heavily-armed icebreaking patrol ships with two vessels currently under construction for the Russian Navy at Admiralty Shipyard in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Two ships have been ordered from the Admiralty Shipyard in 2016.

 The ships are designed to patrol the Russian territorial waters and “exclusive economic zone in the Arctic.”

During the launching ceremony of the lead ship, it was announced that two additional ships of slightly revised design would be built for the Border Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation by Vyborg Shipyard.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Project 23550 patrol ships have a planned displacement of 6,800 tons, a length of 114 metres (374 ft 0 in) and a draught of 6 metres (19 ft 8 in). They are designed to break through ice up to 1.5 metres (4 ft 11 in) thick. The ships will be equipped with two Project 03160 Raptor type military boats, a Ka-32 helicopter and small hovercraft. The core crew is planned at 60 with accommodation for an additional 50 mission specialists. Armament will include a 100 mm gun (some sources state a 76 mm gun) and 3M-54 Kalibr anti-ship missiles.
Project 23550 will have a diesel-electric power plant with four 3,500-kilowatt Kolomna 28-9DG generating sets consisting of 16-cylinder 10D49 diesel engines driving alternators produced by Ruselprom. In addition, the ships will have two auxiliary diesel generating sets with Kolomna diesel engines and Ruselprom alternators. While the early concept featured ABB Azipod azimuthing propulsion units, the builder’s model showed conventional shaft lines, propellers and rudders. The 6.3-megawatt propulsion motors will be produced by Ruselprom. The ships will have an endurance of 60 days and a range of 6,000 nautical miles (11,000 km; 6,900 mi).
The vessels are strengthened for navigation in ice-covered arctic seas according to the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping ice class Arc7.


Ice breakers there are plenty of. But until now no one have been equipped not only with guns but also missiles, which can be used to fire on other ships as well as positions on land.


The junkie mentality:

“Despite being a replacement for many types of submarines, the Borei-class submarines are slightly shorter than the Typhoon class (170 m (560 ft) as opposed to 175 m (574 ft)), and have a smaller crew (107 people as opposed to 160). These changes were in part designed to reduce the cost to build and maintain the submarines. In addition, the United States and Canada provided 80% of funds for scrapping the older Typhoon-class submarines, making it much more economical to build a new submarine.”


“At the end of the Cold War, the Zvezda shipyard was used to decommission Soviet nuclear submarines, with funding and support from the USA and Canada under the Nunn–Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction initiative.”


“The decommissioning of Russian nuclear-powered vessels is an issue of major concern to the United States and to the Scandinavian countries near Russia. From 1950 to 2003, the Soviet Union and its major successor state, Russia, constructed the largest nuclear-powered navy in the world, more ships than all other navies combined: 248 submarines (91 attack submarines, 62 cruise missile submarines, 91 ballistic missile submarines and four research submarines), four Kirov class battlecruisers, and a missile test ship, as well as nine icebreakers. Many were or are powered by two reactors each, bringing the total to 468 reactors. With the end of the Cold War and with its navy chronically underfunded, Russia has decommissioned many of these vessels, and according to one report dated November 2008, intended to scrap all decommissioned submarines (more than 200) by 2012. However, the safety records of the Soviet and Russian navies and the budgetary constraints on the Russian government are matters of great concern. Ships awaiting decommissioning receive little maintenance, and there are insufficient waste storage facilities, raising worries about possible ecological damage from accidents or improper storage.”


“The major issues are financial. In 1995, a Northern Fleet submarine based near Murmansk nearly suffered a nuclear meltdown when power was cut off due to unpaid electricity bills. Decommissioned vessels are often left in floating storage until funds can be allocated for their dismantling. As of November 2001, “up to 40% of the decommissioned submarines have been in floating storage without much maintenance for more than 10 years”.

The situation has caused concern in other countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and the Scandinavian countries, which have contributed funding and assistance. The Arctic Military Environmental Cooperation (AMEC) was a joint Norwegian, Russian, and American government consortium (later joined by the British) set up to deal with military environmental issues, mainly the dismantling of Russia’s nuclear submarine fleet in Europe. After the “somewhat acrimonious dissolution” of AMEC, the Norwegian and British governments shared the £3.9 million cost of dismantling a November class submarine. Under AMEC’s successor, Cooperative Threat Reduction, the British government financed the dismantling of two Oscar I submarines. The Nunn–Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program has been responsible for the deactivation and destruction of many weapons, including 33 nuclear submarines. With the “Star of Hope” program, Japan has funded the dismantling of five Victor III and one Charlie I submarines in the Far East.

Security is also an issue. Russian sailors have been convicted and jailed for two 1993 thefts of highly enriched uranium from fuel rods. In 1994, Russian officials caught two North Korean agents trying to buy submarine dismantlement schedules.”


“A Russian government report acknowledged in March 1993, that “during the period of 1965 to 1988 the Northern Fleet had dumped four reactor compartments with eight reactors (three containing damaged fuel) in the Abrosimov Gulf in 20 to 40 meters of water.” Six other compartments, containing nine reactors in all, had also been dumped into the water in the 1960s and 1970s”


Kursk wreck.jpg

US re-establishes naval fleet in Atlantic amid increased Russia threat

Russia’s Military Power (2017)

For decades, Russia’s oil giants have been polluting parts of the country’s once thriving landscape, often in secret, spilling oil onto the land and into the Arctic Ocean, poisoning the water and destroying the livelihood of local communities and Indigenous Peoples.

Russia’s New Maritime Doctrine And Issues With The Surface Fleet

Russia & Nigeria

S-ithole Information

The Russian (((Bolshevik Revolution)))

An Invasive Duo

Sweden is Headed for a Civil War

The former CEO of Scania, a major trucking company in Sweden, has warned that the country could be headed towards a civil war due to unchecked mass immigration from alien cultures.

“We have taken in far too many people from outside, we have done that. What to remember is that we have taken in people from the Middle East and Africa and they live in a society that we left about 100 years ago. It is their feeling and perception of what a society is like.”

Sexual assaults, gang violence, explosions, organized crime, and unemployment are all at levels previously not seen before in Sweden. Unfortunately, these problems have only reared their ugly heads following the mass importation of Middle Eastern and North African immigrants.
Flag of Sweden

In the interview, the former CEO of Scania also suggests that the military, at some point, could be required to quell civil unrest in migrant enclaves.

Östling mentions his experience with migrant integration in the workplace during his time as CEO of Scania, where close to 90 of the 100 Somali immigrants who were hired either left or were fired because they were unable to fulfill their duties or cooperate with co-workers.

Read more here

German troops greeted by the residents of Danzig, West Prussia, September 1939.

Historic German speaking communities of East Prussia, Silesia, Hungary and Ukraine were eradicated by the Red Army.

And they are still invading our Germanic homelands!

Poland is the country where most immigrants come from in UK, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and number two in Germany.

Germany 1945 – Poland 2004

No more brother wars.

No more wars, because of Jews and Slavs.

Read about WWII here