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I made a post called “Lift weights and do cardio are both important, but there is something in between” which covered a little bit of hiking. In this post I will try to go a little futher.

I have been part of a little Danish nationalist hiking club since 2015 (I am a founding member). We use to walk in Copenhagen and mostly around Copenhagen where there are open areas and forest. We use to walk all year around and in all kinds of weather.

Here are some of the benefits of being in a hiking club:

Health benefits. I am not going into that, it should be common knowledge.

Motivation. Like having a training partner, it gives motivation and a sence of obligation to participate (when not in the mood).

Conversation. Interesting and productive conversations are often made while hiking.


Good habits. Sadly our hiking club has been put on pause. I still walk alone, sometimes up to more than six hours (without weight in my rucksack).

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This is What You Should Do Next Week (My 4 FAVORITE Strength Progressions)

There are a ton of methods for writing a powerlifting or general strength program but most of them boil down to a few basic patterns of progression. Here, I cover my 3 favorite methods: linear progression, wave loading, flat loading and the dreaded VOLUMIZING! 0:00 Introduction 1:19 Linear Progression 6:00 Wave Loading 11:44 Flat Loading (or Step Loading) 16:29 VOLUMIZING!!!

Alexander Bromley

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Talking Strongman with Flemming Rasmussen

Seven time Denmarks Strongest Man Flemming Rasmussen competed at World’s Strongest Man a total of five times, and narrowly missed out on taking the win in 1997, when he placed 2nd overall. I catch up with Flemming to find out more about his successful career in the sport, and what he’s been up to since his Strongman retirement.

Big Loz Official

World record loglift 182,5 kg (400lbs) (Guffi) 1998 The strongest man in Denmark


Flemming Rasmussen (born March 12, 1968) is a former strongman competitor and powerlifter from Denmark. He competed in the World’s Strongest Man contest several times, finishing in 5th place in 1995 and 4th in 1996. His best result came in 1997 when he finished 2nd, but he had been leading by four points over eventual champion Jouko Ahola before the final two events. However, sixth place finishes in both of the final two disciplines allowed Ahola to overturn the deficit. Flemming won the title of Denmark’s Strongest Man 7 times from 1995-2000 and in 2003, and won the DanishPowerlifting title in 1993 and 1994. Before competing as a strongman, Rasmussen was Danish ten-pin bowling champion.

Height: 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)

Competition record
Representing  Denmark
World’s Strongest Man
5th1995 World’s Strongest Man
4th1996 World’s Strongest Man
2nd1997 World’s Strongest Man
Qualified1998 World’s Strongest Man
Qualified2001 World’s Strongest Man
World Strongman Challenge
Full Strength Challenge
World’s Strongest Team
Denmark’s Strongest Man
Representing  Denmark
Danish Powerlifting Championships


Full strength challenge 1999 Dubai (A.F.S.A.) Riku Kiri. Bill Lyndon. Flemming Rasmussen. Magnus ver Magnusson. Derek Boyer. Phil Makdisi. Heinz Ollesch. EUROSPORT. Sorry not all was on tape 

Full Strength Chalenge 1999 Oberhausen: Flemming Rasmussen. Riku Kiri. Heinz Ollesch. Magnus ver Magnusson. Derek Boyer. Bill Lyndon. Wayne Price. Iron Bear Collins. Peter Henzmann. Uli Schwarz.

Gerlof Holkema

World’s Strongest Viking 1997

El Grande Strongman

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Flemming Guffi Rasmussen was amongst the best in his time. He was the best at Loglift, Stonelift, etc., amongst the best at Atlas Stones, Truck Pull, Squat, etc. and only had Deadlift (330 kilo, I believe) as his weak point.

Mikkel Leicht Højgaard (03-04-88) from Thisted, Thy-landet in Denmark (6 X Denmark’s Strongest Man) is in many ways the opposite of Flemming Rasmussen. Mikkel is amongst the shortest strongmen, Flemming was one of the tallest and heaviest. Mikkel is one of the best at Deadlift in Denmark, but like Flemming very good at Loglift. Mikkel definitely has the potential for being the world’s best at Loglift. Sadly Mikkel has not been fulfilling his potential, the last few years.

Log lift 462 pound (210 kg) Mikkel Leicht Danish and Nordic record (2015?)

Military Press 3×180 kg (2015)


Mikkel Military Pressed 215 kg back in 2016-2017, the video might be on Instagram.

Mikkel Leicht 400 kg Deadlift (10th of December 2016 in Newcastle, England)..

Danish Federation of Strength Athletes