Varg Vikernes aka Kristian Vikernes aka Louis Cachet is Anti-White.

Varg Vikernes aka Kristian Vikernes aka Louis Cachet (L.C./V.V.) Wikipedia

L.C./V.V. has deleted a lot of anti-Germanic/pro-Slavic videos the last few years before YouTube finally removed the channel. So there are not much evidence left, you can search ‘Varg Vikernes’ and see that I have posted a number of videos.

L.C./V.V. is active on Twitter, but I don’t have the time or energy.

Varg Vikernes/Kristian Vikernes/Louis Cachet is such a faggot!

Why is the “Alt-Right” celebrating double standard and hypocrisy?

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

Understanding Poland and the Judeo-Slavic mindset

Is this Varg Vikernes attempt to justify the eastern european invasion of North and West Europe?

Millions of eastern european have invaded the west since 2004 when we open the borders to our Mexico.
More than 2 millions have left Polackistan alone, more than 850.000 of them live in the UK.

They are the biggest foring group in British prisons. You can see the same in other white countries like Iceland, Sweden, Denmark etc.
Eastern european are equal to arab and african when it comes to crime, too!


About Townspeople (The Zombie Horde Attacks)

He conveniently “forgot” to mention the (picture) greatest rape attack in history, the soviet, slavic (his best friends) and jewish assault on german women!

It seems to be a general trend.

To be honest, I think he is kissing butt on the eastern european invaders!

A lot of these “alt-right” public speakers appear more and more weak and dishonest when it comes to speaking against the invasion of North-West Europe.

That is why I don’t post videos with Ramzpaul and The Golden One anymore.

I am afraid, that Varg Vikernes is next!