Murica Day Blues


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Today is a day to reflect upon freedom, sports ball and hamburgers; codeine, methadone and sports ball, public displays of profanity, utter incompetence and more! Seriously! Did you SEE that one uppity Basket-Ball American toss that ball to that other uppity Basket-Ball American who was too busy kneeling to receive? IT WAS INSPIRATIONAL! Now, I’m surprised God didn’t put that in the Bible along with the Gospel of MLK. Today is a day to reflect upon the privilege of paying for your own dispossession.

As CoVAIDS waltzes like a coddle-brained broadway show through America, peaceful protests have ended in bloodshed. In a turn of irony so delicious that it’s probably thrown me out of ketosis, the totally not racist separatist autonomous zone of Chaz successfully killed more negroes in a week than the Alt Right has… ever. Twice. But none of that matters because, you know, rights end where feelings…

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Road Rules

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As a boy they told me patience is a virtue. Now I’m a grown man, grumpy and tired. I don’t drive much, because patience is a virtue. Funny thing. I don’t hear much about patience anymore. Seems it was a canard, a cradle convenience. A bit like unicorns, Santa and easy living. A myth. No. I don’t drive much because I never really did master that fine art of patience. Neither, it seems, did many other people on the road.

As I begin to age, I’ve come to a singular conclusion. Driving is actually an excellent gauge for civic morality, which is poor. We know it is poor. Among Nationalists, pointing this out is a rite of passage. Ignoring what can be done to improve conditions while passing blame onto scapegoats is another rite of passage nobody likes to admit to. And, furthermore, if things worked like they did in…

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Building A Euro-Friendly Internet Social Network From Scratch

Banned Hipster

Tech types are overrepresented among blog readers, and introspective types are overrepresented among blog readers and techies, so bloggers tend to attract a higher than usual percentage of tech types.

My old blog(s) had a surprisingly high number of computer types. Since pro-European types keep getting banned from social media, of course your first instinct is to “build your own.”

Now Curtis Yarvin’s UBit is a bit above my pay grade, and although I can mostly understand the basic concepts, I’m hardly going to be able to build a one-function operating system, a language, and a peer-to-peer networking protocol.

Neither would I want to just plop some PHP code like Friendica on some $5/month virtual machine which has led to hundreds, if not thousands, of dead end open source projects. But still, why not? I’ve been to busy to write lately, so I’m just going to brainstorm some stuff.


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